I tread the Earth alone for ages, the curse being cast on me perpetual in intention.

A way of keeping me in isolation, so that no one believes my version of the story.

I stop wanting to tell the story, and focus on figuring out why people are so deluded, as it makes to me no sense.

I infiltrate in undercover mode, impersonating an array of characters in this Deluded Show.
Of course, having no backing from those who run the Big Lie, and also because I have to go undetected, I apply for the roles no soul wants to impersonate, or those of “Mission Impossible” nature.

I see the good and the bad trapped in ongoing struggle to survive.
I experience all manner of abuse and subjugation, having chosen to embody in female form so as to avoid being forced to kill.
I hear the lies and falsehood of Kings Priests and Lords, while they banquet on the blood, sweat and tears of enslaved humans.
I feel the pain and misery, the impotence and rage, the sadness and despair.
I’m helpless and lost, vanquished and sold, raped and ignominiously killed.

I call for Peace, nobody listens.

I cry for mercy, nobody hears.

I scream in terror, everyone looks away.

I bleed and feed, nobody gives thanks.

I raise my voice in my defense, they kill me.

I go on strike, refuse to bow and kneel, I am put on the stake to burn.

This and much else is my lot as Woman on planet Earth.

I tell myself: " I should have come as man, they have it easier."
I ask myself: " Why do women stay silent? Why do they take in all this? What have they done to deserve it?"

I come as man.
It is a short lived experiment, I can’t do violence and war, I’m not fit for hate and rage, I’m too benevolent by nature and design.

I ask myself: “Why do men endure all this? Why do they kill? Why do they toil for Kings and Lords? Why do they oppress their women and children so?”



Why are you so afraid of change?

Is not this way of destructive living doomed? Are you not angry, sad, despairing, struggling, unfulfilled?
Have you not wished, hoped, prayed to see the World turn into a better place and the Show into a merrier one?
Are you not mostly complaining all the time, dreaming of better times when you can enjoy life at last?
Are you so deep in delusion that we all have to witness the deep well in which the proclaimed “saviours” of the world who trust in God, and he sends blessings, have fallen and want to drown all as well?
Is not the planet on the verge of destruction and irreversible climate change?
Is not more than half of all inhabitants of the planet in oppression, hunger, slavery, abuse, poverty, illness and disease?
Are not the rest, including those earning, harnessing, harvesting, stealing earnings, profits, benefits, bribery and gold, also in constant wanting, yearning, longing, attempting to attract more and different instead than loving each other and enjoying life?

These and many more questions occur to me today, as I witness this ongoing fear of change. Everyone is waiting for things to change alone or be changed by others, as they prefer to get on with their small lives making ends meet and hearts kept apart. Working and living in their niches and comfort zones, holding onto habits and delusions of being safe and secure, deluding others likewise through coaching, mentoring, teaching, doctoring and cashing in to keep all distracted from seeking change.

Truth told, I find this all discomforting and it makes to me no sense at all.
Why are you in fear? What can be worse than being a walking dead?

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I love the texture of your voice, Francesca. So good to hear you again. Blessings!

I fathom you’re well
Good to be fo(u)nd again ! :two_hearts:

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Brava, Diva!

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Me modestly Little Sister…

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