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[Cross-posted from Facebook, where I am in the process of deleting my account.]

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to stay in touch and work collaboratively with people, and would like to share, over the coming days, a few projects, apps, and companies that look interesting to me, as well as a couple of initiatives I’ve been working on myself.

I am focusing on products that adopt an ethical code of software transparency (e.g., open source), data privacy (e.g., anti-surveillance, encryption), and decentralization (e.g., p2p, cooperative) into their platform. There are many variations on these themes.

But more than that: I am looking for a kind of beauty, integrity, or visionary quality in the design, which both imagines a slice of the future into being and provides useful tools for getting us there.

Here is an alternative to Facebook Messenger I’d love to try out with some friends. My username is @madrush. Look me up and say hi!


I have registered for an account, without the faintest idea, except for your recommendation!


I’m experimenting; thanks for playing along! Feel free to message me if you ever have a quick question or desire to chat.