[Zoom] New Waiting Room and Passcode Requirement for Meetings - July 19

For all Cosmos events hosts and participants, this is a product update from Zoom:

Dear Valued Customer,

Starting July 19th, Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled.

We have designed these security measures to give you control over your meeting security options while keeping the join experience as frictionless as possible.

  • For meetings that do not have either a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled by J uly 19th , Zoom will enable a Waiting Room for you
  • You can customize the Waiting Room experience with an approved list of domains that can bypass the Waiting Room and directly join the meeting
  • You can find meetings that are scheduled without a Passcode by pulling the following report
  • For meeting join information, we are renaming “Passwords” to “Passcodes” to better align with its role of allowing people in a meeting

For more details, including a comprehensive FAQ document , please visit our Support page.

Team Zoom


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