A little book on art for your inspiration

Hey peeps. Here’s a book I read a few years back during graduate school that I think is relevant to our Infinite Conversations.

Conversations Before the End of Time, by Suzi Gablik

It’s old now. Not sure if it’s still in print but it’s still available through Amazon. It’s an interview book featuring conversations between Gablik, an art critic and academic, and various philosophers, artists, psychologists talking about the global crisis. It was written 97 and so it’s both oddly prescient and an artifact of its decade. It’s also got some gems in there, like her interview with James Hillman. The core thesis, if there is one, is whether or not art can help in a time of crisis. Relevant to us, I think, since we’re hinging, we’re betting, that it can.

I’ll take another look at it and see if it makes its way into my writing. Consider it for your own bookshelves.