A Theory of Everybody – Weekly Dispatch #3 – What is Aperspectival?

Here’s my third weekly dispatch for A Theory of Everybody. I talk about what “aperspectival” means in the context of our Winter of Origins reading of Jean Geber’s The Ever-Present Origin, which ramifies into my (re-)conception of what “integral” means.

This should NOT be considered an intro to the book or Gebser’s thought, but only my roughly sketched initial impressions of where this all might be going at 73 pages into the text.


Yes I believe the Aliens have arrived and you Marco are their spokesperson. I am glad to say that as a long term deviant, who’s symptoms are getting worse, that I am feeling that I am not alone.

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Thanks Marco, very helpful. Really appreciate you sharing your understanding as it is emerging. Shows humility. Like you say, not multi perspectival, but rather no attachment to any particular perspective. We are platforms of perception, and when perspective is in a sense suspended, experience itself awaits. Thinking of my experience of altered states and the sense that everything is everywhere. Again, thanks…

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Well, this is the heart of the matter, isn’t it. What is aperspectival? The first thing to notice is that the spell correct on this system doesn’t recognize the word. Yeah, who does? Only a few rambling philosophes like ourselves but just the same it is perhaps the most important topic of our age. Having no perspective for a moment is a way of not limiting perception, or our immersion in a knowledge laden environment that transcends time and space as the mental/rational conceives of it. We are pulling the universe (origin) into our concretized conscious experience through a little hole in our body/mind/spirit complex. As we evolve (not to be confused with biology) we make the hole bigger. Aperspectival is a way of trying to recognize how the hole gets “bigger” (ignore the perspectival reference) or as J G would say “intensified.”

Quantum physics has this model of the quantum wave function where all the possible locations of the particle are suspended in time in a kind of cloud. The wave function then collapses to one point when we observe it (or something does), and that becomes the chosen reality in the next moment. Suspension–collapse, suspension–collapse, this is the mental structure trying to line something up that can’t be understood in a perspective way. Aperspectival is like being in the wave function before collapse. This is the point of power, in the sense that this is where consciousness is acting on the creation. The whole project seems to be about us becoming conscious co-creators.


Hi, all. Taking up Jeremy’s invitation to participate here in “time-freedom”. :smile:

Thought-provoking video! The difference between “multi-perspectival” (or “meta-perspectival” perspective on perspective – loved that!) and truly “aperspectival” still throws me, too. It helped a bit when I got to Gebser’s use of the “sphere” as the ‘sign’ of the integral being more like an ever-in-motion field of “the whole” than a visualization of 3D space. After all, is it even possible to make an adequate symbol for a “transparent, spatially incomprehensible amension” [EPO, p. 353]? Archaic “unconscious spirit” has no sign; what is sufficient for integral “conscious spirit”?
(I’m playing around with a kind of doughnut-shaped infinity symbol: an “eternal return” [Eliade] that is “junctioned” if not centered where it intersects human consciousness but never taking the same paths to the junction twice… or something like that… LOL)
I think I get one reason the aperspectival must be time-free. Gebser includes the multi-perspectival space-time continuum among the constructs of the mental structure. So if we use the magical “point” (x), and the mythical “circle” (x, y), and move the “sphere” to the mental structure (x, y, z), it makes a little more dimensional sense. (The “triangle” becomes specifically the deficient rational mode - an endless fragmenting thesis/antithesis/synthesis of points of decreasing relevance for the comprehension of the whole.) The “irruption of time” indicates a crisis point for all structures, not just the rational:

  • Movement introduces cyclical time and bursts the magical “point”.
  • Direction introduces linear time and bursts the mythical “circle”.
  • Relativity renders absolute time unworkable and bursts the mental “sphere”.
    Leading to something very much like the “cloud” described above by etowle. Origin itself being transparent in the cloud, there is no longer anything to ‘burst’. Certainly, time would no longer be a threat…