Alternate Realities & Dreaming

(john davis) #82

Love language

  1. And when love language is there anything else about love language?
  2. And when voice very important whereabouts is that voice?
  3. Soul…and does soul have a size or shape?
  4. My mother…T Rex…destructive…voice can travel…and what kind of travel?
  5. A wind…I can feel it…and whereabouts feel it?
  6. Breath exhaling…and then what happens?
  7. And a voice.…how old could that voice be?
  8. A baby crying…babbles…doesn’t have age….and where does that voice come from?
  9. And when a destructive voice…what would you like to have happen?
  10. A fire breathing dragon.…and Armour

Katina develop metaphor of dragon and person in Armour and with a shield and a match, etc.

(john davis) #85

Wisdom…mentorship…my child as elder…reverence…

  1. And when reverence is there anything else about reverence?
  2. And does reverence have a size or shape?
  3. Deep love…weeping.… and whereabouts is deep love?
  4. And whereabouts is heart space?
  5. And personal…anything else about personal?
  6. Heart’s voice.…and is there a relationship between Heart’s voice and weeping?
  7. Marijuana…lost soul… experiment past self/present self…cloudy weather…and is there anything else about that experiment?
  8. And greater self….and does greater self have a size or shape?
  9. And Baby Buddah.…in mind maturing soon…and what happens to _
  10. Love can spread.…and what happens to Wisdom and Child as Elder?
  11. Constant flow…_

(john davis) #86

Perhaps we can work with this dream.

“I dreamed of Charles. We are having a physical struggle. There is great hostility. I hold his tongue between my fingers. I say, " I know you want to die but I won’t kill you.”

We can muse upon the dreamscape together. Perhaps can work on how to apply a clean perspective?

(Douglas Duff) #87

Modeling skills are enhanced as we develop our personal metaphors. As we explore each other’s metaphorical landscapes we become more attentive to our intentions, enhance a sense of agency, and establish safety in sharing inner explorations in a public space. Thanks to everyone for the quality of your attention and the clarity of your intention.

(john davis) #88

Caitlin Walker shares some tips on how to keep a Clean session on track.

(Katina Press) #89

Power of Voice Sketch

I have uploaded my “Power of Voice” sketch from an “Alternate Realities” session two weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions.

KPr2204_The_Power_of_Voice.pdf (237.8 KB)

(Douglas Duff) #90

Johnny directs Michael and Doug in fine tuning Clean Language Skills.

  • How to conduct Clean Interviews
  • Reflections on 11/13 Cafe
  • Connections, Internet Connections and Love: Is there time/space for love online?

(john davis) #91

The Purpose of Clean Interviews
– I want to develop a resource and find someone who has it.
-I want to know how that person does that resource.
-When does the resource move from the idiosyncratic to something transferable?
-I want to extract from the process patterns that can be transferred to others.