Alternate Realities & Dreaming

(john davis) #82

Love language

  1. And when love language is there anything else about love language?
  2. And when voice very important whereabouts is that voice?
  3. Soul…and does soul have a size or shape?
  4. My mother…T Rex…destructive…voice can travel…and what kind of travel?
  5. A wind…I can feel it…and whereabouts feel it?
  6. Breath exhaling…and then what happens?
  7. And a voice.…how old could that voice be?
  8. A baby crying…babbles…doesn’t have age….and where does that voice come from?
  9. And when a destructive voice…what would you like to have happen?
  10. A fire breathing dragon.…and Armour

Katina develop metaphor of dragon and person in Armour and with a shield and a match, etc.

(john davis) #85

Wisdom…mentorship…my child as elder…reverence…

  1. And when reverence is there anything else about reverence?
  2. And does reverence have a size or shape?
  3. Deep love…weeping.… and whereabouts is deep love?
  4. And whereabouts is heart space?
  5. And personal…anything else about personal?
  6. Heart’s voice.…and is there a relationship between Heart’s voice and weeping?
  7. Marijuana…lost soul… experiment past self/present self…cloudy weather…and is there anything else about that experiment?
  8. And greater self….and does greater self have a size or shape?
  9. And Baby Buddah.…in mind maturing soon…and what happens to _
  10. Love can spread.…and what happens to Wisdom and Child as Elder?
  11. Constant flow…_

(john davis) #86

Perhaps we can work with this dream.

“I dreamed of Charles. We are having a physical struggle. There is great hostility. I hold his tongue between my fingers. I say, " I know you want to die but I won’t kill you.”

We can muse upon the dreamscape together. Perhaps can work on how to apply a clean perspective?

(Douglas Duff) #87

Modeling skills are enhanced as we develop our personal metaphors. As we explore each other’s metaphorical landscapes we become more attentive to our intentions, enhance a sense of agency, and establish safety in sharing inner explorations in a public space. Thanks to everyone for the quality of your attention and the clarity of your intention.

(john davis) #88

Caitlin Walker shares some tips on how to keep a Clean session on track.

(Katina Press) #89

Power of Voice Sketch

I have uploaded my “Power of Voice” sketch from an “Alternate Realities” session two weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions.

KPr2204_The_Power_of_Voice.pdf (237.8 KB)

(Douglas Duff) #90

Johnny directs Michael and Doug in fine tuning Clean Language Skills.

  • How to conduct Clean Interviews
  • Reflections on 11/13 Cafe
  • Connections, Internet Connections and Love: Is there time/space for love online?

(john davis) #91

The Purpose of Clean Interviews
– I want to develop a resource and find someone who has it.
-I want to know how that person does that resource.
-When does the resource move from the idiosyncratic to something transferable?
-I want to extract from the process patterns that can be transferred to others.

(Douglas Duff) #92

Alternate Realities 8

A trio of dreamers, Michael, Marco and John, practice sharing transindividual attention. Transindividual attention is the collective thinking/feeling that comes through the ‘I’ zone. Logical levels are discussed as they search for patterns that connect. When you write a poem how do you consider your reader or audience? In this episode we take some necessary steps towards an ecology of attention.

(Marco V Morelli) #93

Dear dreamers~ I am looking forward to joining you today, and I thought I’d share an image from a dream I had recently, perhaps only as an appetizer for a more expansive discussion, as this particular image is relatively simple but deep.

I was looking into my eyes, not exactly in a mirror, but directly, as if from the perspective of being inside a mirror looking at the looker.

I saw my dog Mooby’s eyes. She is old, and has been completely blind in one eye, her left eye, since 2014. I have long felt that Mooby is a part my soul. She has been with us, a member of our family (or we of her pack), since 2006—just after Kayla and I got married and I quite I-I (Integral Institute) and we bought this house and started a new life together.

Mooby has spent many hours of her life cuddled up with me on the sofa or in bed. We have walked together, run, meditated. (We have not played fetch, however, she never liked fetch.) But when we first adopted her I trained her to sit, wait, roll over, and at least indoors, we developed some rapport.

Outdoors, all of Mooby’s terrier instincts kick in—her dominance drive, her territoriality, her unilateral aggression toward rival dogs, her reflex to attempt to kill any small (or even larger) furry creature. She was never very good at being social, except with select other dogs, like our other canine companion who died three years ago, Particle Dog, my brother’s dog Mojo, and a former neighbor of our’s big slobbery boxer, who we used to house-sit occasionally.

Over the last 4 years since Mooby’s left eye clouded over, she has also gone mostly (but not completely) blind in the other eye and pretty completely deaf. She is approximately 14 years old now, and has slowed down considerably, but remains vigorous and able to run and jump and pester for treats. She often follows me to my studio during the day and sticks close to me when she can.

I have often wondered about Mooby’s terrier personality, her aggression, and more recently her blindness, and how these qualities may or may not reflect some aspects of my soul—and I wonder how well I am doing at integrating my inner Mooby.

We don’t have to talk about this exactly today. But I thought I would bring it up since Mooby’s blindness has been a metaphor I have been pondering for awhile. I wonder, in what ways am I blind or half-blind? What am I not seeing?

Here is picture from a short hike we did this summer:

(john davis) #95

Thank you, Marco, for sharing this intimate portrait of your dear friend. I resonate. Also, I have a fondness for terriers. They are good rat catchers!

(john davis) #96


Words commonly used to describe a shift, or relationship between levels are:






Questions for Meta-Person

And what’s happening for you so far?

And what let’s you know that?

And what are you seeing, hearing, knowing?

(john davis) #97

Thanks to Marco and Michael for the opportunity to develop meta-attentional capacities. I look forward to studying the video when it is available as I am confident that our competence is growing. Michael mentions that he wants to take a holiday break and I am open to a different configuration. If Doug is still available we can continue to practice with CL or morph into something else. I do find that skills vanish rapidly without some regular practice. I respect that others may not be up for this challenge and so am glad that we have traveled together thus far. It has been very interesting. So if you want to keep it going, Doug, for next week or in the near future we can evaluate that possibility together. What is an ecological practice for us? Thanks again and look forward to future collaborations. And when deciding at your best, that’s like what?

Also I want to share a good article on Logical Levels, which we demonstrate in the session. The article focuses on the work of Bateson and the power of meta-communication. I think we saw some of that happen in our ‘live’ session. As a student of Bateson, I expect Michael may find it worthwhile. Thanks again for sharing attention!

(LaughingCryingDancing) #98

Thanks John for the PDF,the ecological practice for this Rascal of Cosmos Cafe’ is to move between, in & around as many Ecologies(alternate realities) of Planet Earth as possible.This makes my deciding at my best Imaginative,Flexible,Agile & Goofy with Gumption to Dance,Sing & Bring the Inner Electricity to this Different Bulb of Cosmos Time Creation!Thanks For Your Loving,Caring Attention.

(john davis) #99


(Douglas Duff) #100

My underlying desire for this conversation is to demonstrate that we can come into the virtual space and utilize it at its maximum. Is your demonstration of space as you climbed upon your chair and performed the best we can do? what other aspects are we neglecting? can we open up to poetry in the moment? singing? I have many ideas that surge when alone then subside when in public situations. There is only so much room for the weird even in a group like ours…

and note…this is not an open frame! There will be blood! Come if willing and able…

November 28, 2018 5:00 PM

ZOOM video ID : 740-164-668

(LaughingCryingDancing) #101

Really like your word Jazz Doug.A working Hypothesis I’ve been playing with since on CC’ is the impact of the Energy Field of each of our Geographic locations,starting with Ed in Germany,John in New York,You in Kentucky,Marco & Mark in Colorado & me in Southern California.It seems we each are living in a Energy Field that Vibes differently from each,yet not separate in terms of the Larger Planetary Energy Field.As an example is if I was in New York hanging with John,I would have to acclimatize to his location when in that physical location.That would apply to the other locations.It’s a practice of mine to bring a consenting-intention to the actual physical space I am in,sensitive to the movement of that space entering & exiting my BodyMindSpirit.This is what I feel can apply when we interact with two different physical spaces through the liminal of CyperSpace,a Wild,Wild Frontier Yes,& because of that our nervous systems are being stretched beyond our comfort zone at times…Exciting yet messy at times,sometimes the structure spontaneously appears & sometimes the structure is needed so the spontaneous can Express it’s Movement in the Present.Reality is a workable hypothesis,as the Meditation teacher Trunga once said “Be Yourself Reality will give You Feedback”,I for one don’t always like or want what it says.Just Saying my CC’ Rascal Friends!

(Douglas Duff) #102

An Alternate Take on Alternate Realities

(john davis) #103

Thanks, Doug, and I really learned a lot from our conversation. Since I rarely use this word I did a little research.




noun: commerce ; noun: comm.

1.the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.

synonyms: trade, trading, buying and selling, business, dealing, traffic dealings between people.

“outside the normal commerce of civilized life”

synonyms: relations, dealings, socializing, communication, association, contact

  1. archaic. sexual intercourse.


mid 16th century (sense 2): from French, or from Latin commercium ‘trade, trading,’ from com- ‘together’ + mercium (from merx , merc- ‘merchandise’).

(Douglas Duff) #104

And merci beaucoup right back at you.

Have mercy on this mercurial memory
Had many thoughts to share, now not coming to me.
My grammar, you see, plops out improperly…
Please take my commerce
Composed in this verse
As conversational communication through gramercy.