Movement and Momentum in the Imaginal Underground - A Clean Start

Recorded 11th April 2020

A Clean Start. All are invited. No preparation is required. Bring only a curiosity about the liminal zones.

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Hi Doug, I don’t think I can do a full two hours this morning, but I will stop in if I can (for a liminal while) after breakfast, clean-up, and morning mobilizations in the house—depending on how everyone is doing! (We are off to a bumpy start…)


I had a dream about you, Marco, and I will talk about it if I see you today. It may open up a passage to Imaginal experiences-maybe not. I am focusing attention on the trans-tragic world.


Did it involve me flying? I have the image of a large, weird, soaring bird in mind—some kind of alien, iridescent flying dinosaur who is vacationing on earth—and when reciting poetry at my best, that’s like this.

Needless to say, I am not able to be present this morning, as the gods of dementia demanded the partial sacrifice of my cerebral cortex after their mutilated breakfast involving my amygdala. I will check in later when I can!


Sorry we missed you, Marco, you can watch the video when it comes out. We felt your supportive presence as always and wish you a great weekend. Maybe next time you can bring your reciting poetry at your best? And thanks to Seth, Doug, and Michael for making this lively liminal /imaginal /magical Saturday.


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The Knowledge of the Drama of the Second Coming

  1. The transformation of thinking, or the ongoing opening of the gates of thinking.

  2. The transformation of sense-perception, or the opening of the gates of perception

  3. The construction of the bridge of memory and continuation of the consciousness over the abyss of the spirit-forgetfulness

“The progress of the etheric Christ is endangered from many sides. Prominent among them is the practice of Technological Singularity. In the course of this century countless human bodies and souls will be merged with an infinitely seductive and powerful artificial intelligence and virtual reality. This technology will bind them to a sub-natural and inhuman world, which will experience more and more not only as a fantastic means of entertainment but also as magical redemption and healing of all human suffering and mortality. This sub-natural and inhuman world lies, morally speaking, one level below the natural and human physical world. However, we can through the practice of cognitive yoga, consciously rise one level above the physical world to the nearest super-sensible world, the etheric. In this etheric world alone can our hearts, minds and deeds be healed and resurrected. And only there, in the deepest forces of our human becoming, can we find the life-giving source of the earth and humanity in the 21st century.” -Cognitive Yoga, Yesheruya Ben-Ahron


Sheldrake discusses telepathy and social fields. The Etheric Christ, which we talked about today, is one such field. Practice tuning in with a group can enhance our immunity.


Do you have a source for this statement? Just curious, as the notion of “the Etheric Christ” has a fairly wide variety of meanings, depending on whom one is talking to.

BTW, interesting clip. Sheldrake is a different kind of thinker. Very refreshing, I find.


I quoted in the video from Cognitive Yoga, by Y. Ben-Aharon, who is a Steiner Scholar. He reports from his own actual experience. The quote was used to frame the Clean Language practice. We need a different way to look at the body and the subtle body and this is what many of us are working at on this call. We must learn to dance, sing, draw, move, touch to catch the rhythms of Etheric Christ which are in stark contrast to the Deep State abiotic rhythms that are calling the shots, a sub-human level that is currently creating havoc in our societies across the globe. I am drawing upon my own first person, embodied experience as I have had a direct cosmic download on more that one occasion. How we tune into these dimensions can be languaged via metaphor in many different ways. Thanks for the question and I hope this is useful, Ed. The Deep State AI freaks are trying to gobble up the Subtle and must be stopped. A new kind of resurrection is underway. Happy Easter. Your feedback as always is greatly appreciated.


I got to listen to the session over the weekend—thank you for recording and sharing your exploration. I found it interesting and resonated with a few of the themes raised, such as telepathy, cognitive yoga, relational processes that enable other relational processes, and development of the miraculous. Once again, I really appreciated Seth’s lucid presence and deft touch as a co-facilitator. @Michael_Stumpf and @Douggins provided ample metaphorical grist.

It took a little while for the group to tune in to what it wanted to do. (I note the cluster of metaphors “tune in” implies.) However, once you started creating space for each other’s desired outcomes—even if these weren’t previously known or super clear—some interesting 1st-person experiential reports came up. I found myself listening with my third ear, a soft center of sensitivity to vibration hovering in the center of my head.

At one point, @johnnydavis54, you talked about your relationship with birds, which was interesting because I had wondered if you dreamed me as a bird. That is an image I have been working with, as I am learning to fly with my poetic voice. As you know, the Technological Singularity is a kind of muse for me; however, I believe it is a reductive substitute for the real Singularity (which is Singular Plural, a miracle of development) of which one might say I AM THAT.


Could That Be Your Poetic Heart Beat?


I once had a mutual dream with a good friend. We agreed to meet in a dream on the occasion of one of us becoming lucid. When I entered the lucid zone I looked for my friend, Rob, who lives a few blocks from me. I flew into a dark space, much like a dungeon, where my friend was enraged in some theatrical S/M. It had a druggy feeling.

" Rob," I called out," this is a dream, let’s get out of here."

Rob rejected my suggestion and turned back to the activity. He was playing the sadistic role. I looked for an exit from this scene and found a small refrigerator. I opened the door and the bulb inside lit up the dark prison cell. I stuck my dream head into the light bulb, merged, and flew out of that space.

The next day I asked Rob if he had a dream. He said he was in a prison, doing drugs, engaged in an S/M ritual and a little boy tugged on him and said," This is a dream." He told the kid to get lost.

I never told Rob what I remembered from the dream, for I was aware of how fragile our boundaries are and that I was not responsible enough to play at this level. Rob overdosed from heroine a few weeks later. I had not known how deep into drugs he was.

Could I have intervened if I had been a little more self-aware? I’m not sure. At any rate, I found it extremely interesting that he resisted me in the dreams-cape, and perceived me, not as a man but as a child.

This cautionary tale I offer points to the fact that we are very open in our dreams to intrusion and to beneficial influence. Many messages appear and disappear, morph and change form. It was Christ who said I am what you have need for me to be.

So, telepathy among friends or foes is no doubt happening, now, on a grand scale, as there are so many of us on the planet, wrestling with so many agendas, with techno gadgets polarizing our energy centers in weird ways. Hence, my ongoing plea that we train ourselves to give attention to what we are giving our attention to.

Even with the best of intentions and a desire to frame something useful to the group, to gather attention is very difficult especially when working with our collective amnesia. Most of us are not aware of a small fraction of what is happening in the Imaginal Body. I speak to this struggle between day and night, male and female in my own troubled and noisy sensorium and tried to create a map of this. Clean Language is a very flexible tool for exploring the symbolic realms.

Finding ways to share this symbolically in a group is the only way to protect the psyche. Prone as we are to delusion it is necessary to have a community of competent people to work out the kinks in the psychic armor. Concepts without percepts, as Kant once remarked, will leave us sterile and barren.

The bell, which I spontaneously brought into the circle, suggests to me a deep dilemma that mirrors rather precisely the nature of the liminal zones. We are on the border between, like the area that touches the different spaces marked out by a resonating bell, or by a flowing, topsy-turvey lemniscate- is the location of the imagined or the physical on the inside or the outside? Each sensorium is different, just as each blade of grass is a different shade of green.

Thanks for the feedback, Marco. We did not get to meet with Seth on your last visit to New York as I had hoped. We might arrange to do that online as Seth and I are trying to organize from within the lock-down. We are aiming for this Friday if I can get enough of a group attention to tune in.

And what would be the first sign to let me know when I have received my desired outcome?

I would know when I got a report from someone that the relational process had made another relational process happen. There could be a second step and a third step. An action plan might emerge. There is a method to my madness.

Seth and I want to work with how we could co-create necessary conditions for our desired outcomes. To do this we need to balance centrifugal and centripetal forces. This is a level from which we rarely engage collaboratively and I am open to believe that a few good men can become good midwifes. We have barely scratched the surface of the surface structure of this vast, bottomless, deep structure.

And if you can join us, Marco, next time during this turbulent time which reverberates through us, I trust that you will bring your soaring, poetic voice with you!


Hi John, let’s give it a try. I would be free in the evening—around 7 pm EDT.

I will dream on this myself and see what rises from the heart. Thanks for initiating the (relational) process. :bird:


Is that 5pm EST? I want to be sure so that I can coordinate with Seth. Please let me know asap so that I can figure out how work with these forces safely. The future that is coming must be prepared for. I don’t want to blow a fuse.

You are welcome, Marco, and I want to give others a chance to make arrangement, too, is they wish to join the call. I want to give time for feedback and reflections upon what is emerging in and through our symbolic landscapes.

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No, that would be 7 your time. I believe you’re technically in daylight saving time now. So it’s 7 EDT, i.e., New York / East Coast Time, which is 5 pm Denver / Mountain.

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So Seth and I are in NY. That would be 7pm. For you it is 5pm? Do I have that right?

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Great. We can mark that down and I will pass that to Seth and confirm. I want to give everyone an invite who has already participated, which would be Michael and Doug. If we have a link that would be great.

I am waiting for Seth to confirm. In the meantime I have a working title for this episode. The Structure of Desire. I want to focus attention on how we can use Clean Language to mature changes in our metaphorical landscapes developed previously and then how to concertize those desired outcomes in social space. Seth and I can do a brief demo. Thanks!

"If you bring forth that which is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth that which is within you it will destroy you. " Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas