Beyond Masculine and Feminine—a conversation about gender identity

Let’s have some thoughtful comments—especially from people who may not have participated in this forum before—on this Chthonia podcast hosted by @sororbrigid, featuring @Geoffreyjen_Edwards and @mankinddivine, on the topics of gender identity and the transformations of sexuality that we’re witnessing in today’s world.

Edwards, as a science fiction author, has written an innovative novel titled Plenum (disclosure: of which I was one of the editors), which explores the questions discussed here from a far-future technological and spiritual perspective. Matsangos, as the author of a book on gender theory titled The Male Lesbian Manifesto (in its forthcoming English translation), explores the same territory from a radically different (yet perhaps compatible) point of view.

I found the conversation thought-provoking, to say the least, and I feel these topics deserve a wider and deeper consideration in the open-minded and adventurous spirit of Infinite Conversations. Please feel warmly welcome to share your thoughts below!