Collective pondering on Cosmos' potential ripe connections

So, so often I encounter something (often via Facebook) and I think to myself, “Gee, I wonder what the crew in Cosmos would think about this?” Too often to count.

Here’s an example: what do y’all think of this? Should Cosmos apply? A-Teams: strategy (and funding) for changing the world.

More broadly:
What are some initiatives/groups that you know of that are doing something similar to Cosmos? What’s similar/dissimilar about them compared to us?
What are some other early-stage funding sources we might seek out for our creative(s’) cooperative innovation?
What people and what orgs might form Cosmos’ greatest strategic alliances to grow (our community, our services, our impact) in vibrant transforming ways?

[insert ineffable feeling of giddy anticipation in which i’ve poked the sleeping beast of the groupmind and am awaiting some catalytic brilliant displays of insight] :fireworks: :boom: :heart_exclamation:

The A-team sounds awesome, and what a great idea to fund people’s own activist initiatives. I love how they’ve laid out their approach and story and invitation. It’s very appealing. The examples they give are really issue-oriented, e.g, immigration policy, renewable energy, net neutrality, etc., so I’m not sure Cosmos, with its broader focus, would exactly qualify. But I’d say it’s worth a shot!

One angle could be to point out Trump’s budget’s proposed gutting of programs for culture and the arts, including the NEA and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which helps fund PBS). Thus, organizations dedicated to creating and promoting culture could highlight how crucial it is for a society to care about its writers and artists, for its sense of ethics and values.

I think there are also many other organizations out there that could be allies. Will return to this topic, and would love to see what others might suggest. :slight_smile: