Cosmos Café [11/13] Autumnal Mapping of Meta-phorical Thinking: Guided by the Gut Through Invisible Territories Into Communal Concretion

(LaughingCryingDancing) #43

Thanks Marco for posting the You Tube of the song I was all thumbs when I went a different route.Art & Science have always put me in a alternate reality,growing up with T.V. ( Star Trek,Jettisons,Twilight Zone,etc.) & Picasso Harlequin curtains in My brother’s & my room from 10 to 15 years old.What a Pastiche environment for this young mind ?I am sure We all have Images,Feelings,Sensations stored in Our Artistic Cellar of Muscular tissues?

(Maia Maia) #44

I believe I’m responding here to the topic , Autumnal Mapping of Metaphorical Thinking…which I am at the moment actually listening to, am over halfway, and just felt compelled to comment on. I loved the Bird’s Eye View exploration, omni-directional seeing/sensing. But I am finding the whole thing extraordinary, from the talk of maps to drawings, mystical openings, and yes the burning house exchange in which the shadow discussion came forward as a welcome guest… “The natural embodied confidence moving through me” as Marco described, of being “attuned to the territory” where Integral involves a leap into the unknown outside of the mental grid, however impressive, into roots and winds of things… metaphors expanding the universe inward and Wallace Stevens’ Blue Guitar…
Moving toward “social poetics… where we let go of the “lonely artist” into a larger discourse…the influence of others” (Marco) When/how does the idiosyncratic move into the “we” terrain, metaphor and more… (Johnny)
Re: language’s binary aspects/limits, can metaphor integrate, include and transcend? We create our own cosmos at the same time we co-create a cosmos of “we”, not only humans, but transhumans, the crow cracking the nut and the nut-tree in biosynthesis with the fungal network, actual and metaphorical. Thank you all of you for this rare exploratory conversation.

Re: an integral world being possible, I agree, we don’t need to know where we’re going, but we need to know the direction in which to go. And also I agree with Michael, that “it’s here, it’s already here!”

(john davis) #45

And thank you, Ariadne, for your thoughtful commentary on our ensemble efforts. You have given expression to a great research project that I sense is underneath our discourse events, that is bubbling up to the surface, from a great depth. Will we have the wits to make the most of this rare opportunity? Today, at our Cafe, I hope to continue where we left off last week. Fasten your seat belts, it might be a bumpy ride.