Cosmos Café [11/6] - Developing a Sense of Agency With Invisible Worlds

(Marco V Morelli) #61

A “metacast” or “intercast” in response to Maia’s poem above!

(LaughingCryingDancing) #62

drop-ocean Fairy%20water I am very Attuned to the flow of your Inspiration of Water Moves Mind/s.Thank U Marco

(Marco V Morelli) #63

Thanks, Michael! Appreciating your maintenance man’s way of keeping our Café plumbing clear and the taps of spiritual hydration ON


(LaughingCryingDancing) #64


(Maia ) #65

Marco, don’t know if I can possibly reply with all the feeling I feel after listening to your musical creation, voice and guitar, reading and speaking about Secret Water–or, secret water…as you say, integral water, holy water, not the poem but the…

My eyes are overflowing with that water we all are and arise from and return to.
No way to thank you enough for listening— for hearing—as you do.

(john davis) #66

And the great Bateson…walking along a beach…bones on the beach and a horse shoe crab and wondering about the fragile ecology of selves…and I hear within the voices of your blue guitar a dash of Lorca, after he returned to Spain from his visit to New York, a city he loathed but he loved the white headed Bard of Manhatta, the great gringo poet Walt Whitman. Lorca was so entangled in Fascist Spain and was swept away… Something Mediterranean? And Seaweed? Salt air? …I’m not sure…I’m not sure…it’s like long distance viewing…the minds of others…fuzzy, near a gray shore…

(Douglas Duff) #67

Thank you ever so much for this Marco. Happy for you that you had the Sunday morning space. These words flow from your words. From Maia’s words. From our words and the shared waters of mind. I am typing as I listen as we know what you are saying before it is heard…

Maia’s poem, written in the moment, recorded in stone, waters flowing atop its words and freezing the moment in time. Songs sung, lyrics flung. Your semi-edited response reminds us of the limits of the written word…what can we convey on this forum? Peotry is a chosen path.You introduced sound, voice, guitar.

On the use of audio:

This is the idea behind the storytelling society, loosely imagined here in this post, crudely defined as I seem to do frequently:

From the post

I made mention in a past Cafe that I imagine, with all of this technology being tossed onto children and adults, a storytelling society would ideally arise out of the ashes of the techno-malaise. YouTube is a wealth of stories. Yet I am talking more about the in the moment creations; impromptu connections; a society of story-telling explorers, seeking the right language to share. We “bottom-feeders” (those outside of the story being written for us) are passing down stories. No need to write a book; no need to publish the story to tell…simply tell it; speak it in into the air, record it on the spot. Creativity arises from the ashes of the old stories.

I am slowing learning, a slow understanding of, the urgency @johnnydavis54 speaks of… the smell of salt is in the atmosphere a stroll like a drum roll, holding the tension.

(Maia ) #68

Johnny, I am confused by your reply here. Not sure what you are pointing to or meaning, could you clarify? Thank you!

(john davis) #69

In Marco’s intro he mentions Gregory Bateson, an ecologist we are studying. Bateson often asked what is the pattern of relationship that connects the horse shoe crab with the human? Marco mentions secret water, alluding to your poem and I heard his guitar and we had previously discussed at a Cafe Wallace Steven’s Blue Guitar and with all of that…secret water…and a blue guitar… I saw Bateson, barefoot, in a white flannel at the beach…gazing at bones…kind of chill…and trying to makes sense…and then I heard the guitar music and felt Marco’s Spanish cultural influences…and it felt warmer…I knew his mother was beautiful and came from Latin America…his father Italian…and I sensed that Lorca who hated America but loved Walt Whitman runs deep in the background…and something happened near the Mediterranean…I am not trying to present any evidence for anything…it is very fuzzy…out of focus…soft…pleasant…a nice rhythm… mixed voices, sorry if I convey little clarity, Ariadne, as my left brain took a holiday…

(Maia ) #70

No, it’s wonderful! I just didn’t get the link which started the stream of associations off.
I love “right brain” unfurling which also includes “concepts” from left brain, and that’s what you’ve unrolled. Thanks!

(Geoffrey Edwards) #71

Love these Batesonian interleavings and entanglements! Your reading of Maia’s poem felt green and wet to me, like dew drops on newly formed leaves. Wonderful!

(john davis) #72

Hey, Katina, where are you? I miss your precious voice and strange insights. Is there any support that you need? Don’t be a stranger!