Cosmos Café [11/6] - Developing a Sense of Agency With Invisible Worlds

(john davis) #41

Thanks to both of you for the sensational conversations this last year and I do hope we can craft really good ones for next year. I sense that I am not the only one who needs a break. The show will go on but I also need to get the feel of the current, the hearts and minds of the people out front. The events we arrange here have a certain tempo and I am sometimes too fast and sometimes I sense that others are too slow and it is hard to keep count. Finding the right speed for everyone is always a challenge and in the noisy world of social media it is hard for me to sometimes get a strong signal. However, I am ready to rise above the stale feelings and try to hit a few high notes before the curtain comes down on this raucous year.

And is there a relationship between all of this and Developing a Sense of Agency With Invisible Worlds?