Cosmos Café [2021-06-24]: Does "Bildung" have a future?

Indeed. Even though sometimes the choice of the right words matters, I don’t know how much it could be useful to ruminate on nomenclature and meanings here. At the end of the day if you prefer Bildung instead of education or whatever expression I’m fine with it. The question is what kind of education/Bildung/learning/ etc. do we perceive as the right one? Is there a right one or are there many? Why is there this dissatisfaction? What worked and does no longer work? Should we just push the reset button or may we throw out the baby with the dirty water? What kind of new educational (Bildungs-)systems/structures should be created? What could be the alternatives? Do we have to reinvent the wheel or are there already viable models out there?

I believe that I once answered to these points clearly with the essay discussed a couple of years ago and we could move on to others who tried to do as well and much more than that. For example you might get some inspiration from Maya Shakti who lives in Auroville and is very passionate about so called “integral education.” What I like is that she does not only discuss abstract principles and then return to the business as usual (a sport that is highly regarded among contemporary pedagogues) but in her community they are trying to implement it in the practical everyday life by doing, working, and trying to see how far the ideal works with all its inevitable human and bureaucratic limitations. This is an interview to her of mine, plan to do another sooner or later.


Thanks for sharing this insightful, at times moving, and certainly thought-provoking interview. It is always edifying to hear what others are trying to do in order to come to more effective terms with this ol’ world of ours.

What I think the interview shows – or, perhaps better, reminds us – is that (a) all current attempts at “reform” (change?) are by necessity local, and (b) even then, they are highly constrained by nature by the historical/social/cultural/political context in which they are attempted. This is not to say that they are consequently doomed to failure. I don’t believe at all. I think we need to try to whatever we can wherever and whenever it’s even remotely conceivable. At the present time, however, we need to examine all such “projects” Goethically and critically to see if what can be gleaned for the projects we know about or are involved in or simply what might be relevant for the situation in any educational context in which we find ourselves.

But the interview raises our awareness of a further point, one that Bortoft took great pains to make in introducing us to Goethe’s approach, namely the centrality of the organizing idea. We shouldn’t underestimate how powerful(ly important) this notion can be. For Maya Shakti and “their learning community” it is Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga (or more likely his entire religio-philosophic approach). (By a similar token, we should remember that one of the fundamental drivers of “home schooling” in the United States was evangelical Christianity’s desire to avoid Darwinism … that one by-product of this is that it opened up the field or other, perhaps more productive, organizing ideas.) To my mind, whatever we think needs to be done, including how we believe it needs to be done, will be influenced to a significant extent, if not actually determined, by such an organizing idea. What, then, are the organizing ideas driving our own beliefs, feelings, and thoughts about Bildung’s/education’s future?

What this idea is, what it consists of, and how it manifests will not be the product of just one person’s effort (even if there is perhaps an individual spokesperson (eventually) representing it), rather it is will more likely be the result of a more widespread shift in consciousness, which many of us suspect (or hope) may be on the horizon but which none of us can clearly characterize just at the moment. The local initiatives mentioned above, I believe, are most often “driven” by organizing ideas that may be resonances with this impending shift (e.g., Maya Shakti’s TLC, Marco’s free progress education; although some, like fundamentalism, may be reactions to it and impulses toward, to put it in Gebser’s terms, previous consciousness structures). This shift, of course, is at least part of the backdrop to the historical/social/cultural/political context I mentioned as well.

In other words, we are dealing with a highly complex, delicately interwoven phenomenon that demands our intensified awareness when engaging it. At least that is the feel for how it appears to me that our conversation is unfolding.


Yes, and I would add yet another dimension, perhaps the most important one: the personality. Twins born and raised in the same family/historical/social/cultural/political context may have nevertheless completely diverse characters and may need completely different educational environments in which to grow. Also in education there is no “one size that fits for all”. There is still this tendency to believe that there exists the ultimate pedagogical paradigm that, once found, will be the right one for everyone. I go even so far by saying that the good old authoritarian educational style is not necessarily bad for everyone. Several are fine with it, some children even ask for it. The question is what can be offered to those who stand on the opposite side? They still don’t have fully developed alternatives.

Here, again, it depends who we intend that Bildung is thought for? The same organizing idea might work well in a specific context and for a specific individuality and, at the same time, end in disaster in/for another context/indiviuduality. It depends also a lot from the teachers/mentors/guides (e.g. home schooling works for some and not others, depends from how parents deal with it, etc.) The question is who is the “Bildungs-target”? Every one? I don’t think that works. One has to fine tune one’s organizing idea to the soul it is supposed to serve. And since it can not serve every type of human being one has to make a choice. My idea is that which wants to open the way to those personalities who feel the necessity of a free progress learning and a shift in consciousness as something more pressing than learning for making a living or because it is just the way it is and always has been. Having said that, once we know what kind of personality the education is for, I believe there are some core universal principles that are true also independently from the cultural context. The sort of integral education, (eventually presented in a more secular version) could work also elsewhere.

Maybe it appears complex because we still don’t know what it is and because the analytic mind would like to dissect it. Once we will be over that we might well realize how everything appears as self-evident. :slight_smile:


Here is my Personality Response to "The Act of Reading’ this Thread/s- of



Gnostic Voices and new Visions are cutting through the blanket of the darkness that the deficient Mental Structure has used to obfuscate and distort reality. Unless we cut through this self -induced miasma, I see little chance of new educational theories making a difference that makes a difference. Here are two short videos that might help this evolving topic.

A Harvard Psychiatrist and UFO researcher, John Mack, gives a brief overview of the contemporary dilemma. In my view no educational program will make any difference whatsoever without taking his remarks seriously.

Renowned Physicist and UFO researcher, Jacques Vallee, adds his mobius strip kind of thinking to this mix. Does the knowing come from the inside, the outside or in-between?

An image of Ezekiel’s Vision

As we re-enter a new polyphasic culture brought about by the irruptive forces of the Internet, will we regress into the deficient mythic or will we mature into the trans-rational aperspectival? The tensions are currently being held in the field of our possibilities and elaborated through our own metaphorical landscapes.

And with all of this, what happens to the future of " Bildung"?


What Mack is saying dovetails well with the work that Edward Kelley and his colleagues are doing at the University of Virginia. We’ve dealt specifically with Kelley et al. in a (2018) CCafé on the Irreducible Mind, and that work has popped up in other places on the site as well (e.g., here, here, and here). It would seem we, as a culture, have moved from rabid rejection to at least begrudging tolerance, but we still have a long way to go.

UFOlogy is one of those areas where a certain measure of sobriety is still well-placed, that is where it is necessary to sift the wheat from the chaff. It’s an area of study where it is certainly possible to get “carried away”, in more than one sense of the word. Personally, I don’t have a lot of difficulty with the theoretical possibility of additional dimensions (which may (or may not) be essential in explaining/understanding the phenomena under investigation), but the practical phenomenology of experience is quite unresolved in my case.

Unsurprisingly, Vallee brings up Ezekial’s vision, which has long been associated with the Merkevah (MRKBH), or “chariot of God” and which constituted the jumping-off point for perhaps the oldest school of Hebrew Mysticism. Oddly, or ironically, enough, “Merkevah” is what the Israelis decided to call their latest line of military tanks. All of which certainly underlines Mack’s thinking on “worldviews”. (I call them (foundational) beliefs; the results are very similar: they’re the last thing any of us changes, and then only with often the most substantial effort.)

Good question. It is becoming clear(er) to me that we are being called upon to revisit our core beliefs (or core worldview or whatever you wish to call it/them) to see how they impact our understanding of “Bildung” (or education or upbringing or enculturation or whatever we choose to call the process) along with whatever notions and metaphors we believe are relevant for our sharing of our thoughts and reflections on the matter. As is so often the case, we may be saying the same things in very different ways … or very different things in the same ways.


Beyond Physicalism is in some ways a superior read for me. I have followed some of these thinkers represented in this volume and there is a very interesting take on Panentheism. All of this ties into Sri Aurobindo’s Vedic inspired Vision and the future discussion we are doing with Ben, a Sanskrit scholar, who works with Abhinavagupta . A contemporary Vedic inspired discourse is presented Dr. Steven Geer. I offer this video as he overviews the next wave of civilization. He goes well beyond the grim fairy tales the hard core materialists dole out. I offer this as another map and a possible case study. Is Dr. Greer crazy, another thinker who has gone too close to the sun? Or are we just starting to wake up out of the nightmare of the arrested development of lawmakers and Lockheed and Big Oil who have a lot to lose if the cat gets out of the bag.

If you watch this overview please rate your response.
-Highly Plausible
-Somewhat Plausible
-Very unlikely

I think our alternate ways of knowing have been delayed by our factory model educations but clearly we all have a chance to break out of the matrix. The pressure to do so is happening.


Van Morrison - School of Hard Knocks - YouTube › watch


I was educated by the school of hard knocks
Tell me who’s gonna patronize me now?
They’ve brainwashed the suckers again and perpetrated the myth
Propaganda far and wide

No wavelength, no mileage
No current currency
No answers, just silence
And nothing is what it’s supposed to be

I was educated by the school of hard knocks
Tell me who’s gonna patronize me now?
I got shipwrecked and got stranded on the rocks
Everybody left me high and dry

I was educated by the school of hard knocks
Who’s gonna patronize me now?
Brainwashed the suckers again and perpetrated the myth
Propaganda far and wide

No wavelength, no mileage
There’s no current currency
No answers, only silence
Nothing looks like it’s meant to be

I was educated by the school of hard knocks
Who’s gonna patronize me now?
Just got shipwrecked and stranded on the rocks
And it left me high and dry

And it’s left me sitting high and dry
And it left me sitting high and dry
And it left me sitting high and dry

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Van Morrison

School of Hard Knocks lyrics © BMG Rights Management


Absolutely. It is a field where one needs tons of discernment that can tell apart truth from fiction, manipulations and hype from genuine facts (for example, IMO, the plethora of “channelers” one finds on YouTube and who speak in the name of some ET civilization are still far from having developed a decent intuitive discernment. My impression is that most have no idea who or what they are really channeling.)
At any rate, my take is that of the “zoo hypothesis” who tried to answer Fermi’s paradox (“Where are they?”) There are good reasons to believe that they are already here and looking upon us without intervening in our evolutionary process. But precisely for this reason ufology had never captured my interest. They probably won’t show up until we will have done our homework and have ascended higher states of consciousness (Petaluma docet), and wait for us stopping to permanently look for (yet another) authority (this time of ET descendence) that is supposed to tell us what is best for us and how and what to do to save ourselves. So, as long they won’t show up and say “hello, here we are” (hopefully not too soon), I don’t feel the subject as being something helpful for the progress and wellbeing of this little homo sapiens.

I’m not sure what you mean but I don’t see the two aspects as being separated. Abstracting from the ufologic background, as I understand him, Mack points his finger also to the state fo affairs of the actual educational and academic system. That self-induce miasma is intrinsic in the educational system itself. I don’t see how we will ever be able to cut through it if we don’t change the educational status quo as well. That miasma is a narrative which is cast into our minds from Kindergarten onwards and it crystallizes thanks also to the suffocating intellectual closeminded environment of the middle/high school and college university. If we do not change, among other things, also the educational paradigm, I’m afraid a cut-through will remain a wishful thinking. That narrative will always have a stronghold that nurtures and reinforces it and never will allow for something that goes beyond itself. So, another way of learning how to learn and search, and another way of intellectual and spiritual self-development, will be necessary to get out of the miasma.


I never said they were separated, Marco, and I am less interested in the views of UFOs of the 1st kind, recognizing space craft that leaves physical traces, etc. Nor am I interested in the direct encounters of the third kind, made famous by director Spielberg. I’m very interested in the fourth and fifth kind because I have had these kinds of experiences and have learned through trial and error how to cultivate and invite them. Yoga, meditation, trance states, and art are the royal roads to preparing the mind for the imprints that are left after these kinds of encounters. There are inter-beings working with telepathy, OBEs, lucid waking and dreaming states, and flexible with a polyphasic orientation to time-space arrangements and can be attentive to that which is beyond/beneath/above/ below/para to time-space. You need a strong sense of self and a desired outcome as well as meta-skills or you will get lost in the field which is an ever present danger. You also need a good memory which most people don’t have. It is easy to get sucked into the mono-phasic culture that dominates us currently. Wide spread amnesia for who we are. But that is changing rapidly.

It is not a one way mirror, from which they view us as disconnected observers but rather a two way motion that evolves us as much as it does them. It is not only the material world that is changed by the subtle, it is also the subtle realm that changes through our direct participation and the questions we ask. The alliances we make with these intelligent beings (who have a sense of agency as we do) are opening up the field of all possibilities. They are learning how we learn and adapting to us and some of us are responding in a reciprocal communique that is not driven by separation, us vs them, competition and reverse engineering projects that are the royal road to a dead end. A report from the US military will be delivered to Congress on June 24th. Who will control the meta-narrative? That remains to be discovered.

I am for a cognitive pluralism, Marco, which I believe we both share, as I agree that one size does not fit all. Math and music, dance and logic, the disciplined flow states of the artist and the Tai Chi master can prepare us for the next wave. It is my view, which I have expressed often, that the next frontier is not outer space, The next frontier is sleep, that unknown country, without boundaries or borders, from which the sublte intelligences commune with each other and with all mammals and probably amoebas, too.

So, this curriculum goes way beyond the factory model. If children were taught how to lucid dream ( a learnable skill) and were given plenty of support to articulate differences that make differences then the adults around them would be amazed at how advanced children already are. My first encounters happened when I was about five years old. And as a gay teen and adult, I suffered extreme trauma , mendacity and double speak. I am well aware of how those in power label and dismiss. So, I do not romanticize this path. It is not for the timid. But for those who can keep their eyes on the prize, miracles have happened. And we can continue to create conditions for that to happen again.




Thanks for your response. I am interested, as you well know, in the patterns, the meta-patterns, how do we put the pieces of the puzzle of our belief systems together? And how do we take them apart when they are no longer adequate? This raises difficult questions about how we gather and perform social research. We can no longer leave this to the experts or the leaders as they have been derelict in their duties. And what happens next?

As you have rated your response to Greer’s model of the universe as highly plausible, I have a lot of clean questions I could ask but I would probably wait for a live event to ask. But I share my process with you in this written form just to make explicit what my concerns and interests are. This requires a delicate empiricism, an epistemic humility. I trust the wisdom of the system to learn about itself from a different level. Learning how we learn,

Just a few ideas about how to approach this conundrum. How do we investigate our choices when subtle dynamics are at play? I like to use a clean protocol as a way of protecting the investigation from contamination by inevitable conventional cultural overlays. This is a project for a future series perhaps on Epistemology. How do we know what we know? This was John Mack’s primary concern as he studied in depth the entangled field of UFO studies.

And when highly plausible…how do you know that?

And does highly plausible have a size or a shape?

And what happens right before highly plausible?

And what determines highly plausible from valid?

Thanks again, Michael, for sharing your attention!

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Wrestling with the Questions (Koans)

And when highly plausible…how do you know that?
I Don’t Know,I experience the possibility as Plausible
because Life seems to Move in that Direction.

And does highly plausible have a size or a shape?

Here is a Hand Picked Visual for this question;
Facing The Darkness…

And what happens right before highly plausible?

The Emergence of the visual to the previous question confuses me,
which direction is the Human facing: toward the reflection in the water
or Moonlight & Clouds?

And what determines highly plausible from valid?
The Flowing-Movement seems not to Slow or Be Still
in the Thinking or the Body’s Wrestling with the Quest-ion (Koan).

These are some of the Unidentified Moving Objects…Within/Without
Time’s Creation in Relation to this Human Being at this Time.

time in hands
Time in Hands…is There Heat?


Listened to this this Morning…Creation & Re-Creation interesting Slant on “Bildung” maybe?


More Gnostic Voices

It gets weirder. Is this scientistic nihilism or something else that is not quite there yet? It’s interesting to watch a scientist struggle with the contradictions within her own world view.


I have reviewed the video we did on Thursday and share some meta-comments. I attempt to model the group’s mind. Let me start with a quote from the above article Michael shared.

"Something beyond solo thinking is required—the generation of a state that is entirely natural to us as a species, and yet one that has come to seem quite strange and exotic: the group mind.

How does a group of minds think as one?"

I feel the tension between the minds as one and minds as many, a very old tension, that many of us registered in our Cafe exegesis . We share the trauma of totalitarianism, and we share the trauma of the isolated individual. We have oscillated valiantly between these extremes collectively. And this was a big theme in Lisa’s course. How can we create conditions for a cognitive pluralism that is coherent?

I have Hutchins book Cognition in the Wild and I will review it as this is the source of this article. The book is too big to read in the group but I would suggest that we focus on this article or another one that is of interest and figure out how to let this new kind of mind operate as “a tapestry backdrop” to the next Café.

Also, something that came up for me as I reflected on the Wrestler metaphor you presented, Michael, in this thread. I went back to the text in Genesis and I quote it in full to highlight the motif of the hip injury that Jacob received in the encounter with the mysterious Man.

And Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day. When the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched his hip socket, and Jacob’s hip was put out of joint as he wrestled with him. Then he said, “Let me go, for the day has broken.” But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” And he said to him, “What is your name?” And he said, “Jacob.” Then he said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed.” Then Jacob asked him, “Please tell me your name.” But he said, “Why is it that you ask my name?” And there he blessed him. So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel, saying, “For I have seen God face to face, and yet my life has been delivered.” The sun rose upon him as he passed Penuel, limping because of his hip. Therefore to this day the people of Israel do not eat the sinew of the thigh that is on the hip socket, because he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip on the sinew of the thigh.

Genesis 32:22–32

And when hip is hurt in the episode with the Man, is there anything else about Jacob’s hurt hip socket and Lisa and Michael’s reflections upon this motif as an emerging ‘symbol’ in the open psychic landscape of the Cafe crew ?

And is there a relationship between that Man, and the I/me communication I tried to make a sketch of?

I asked the radiant Man " Who are you?

And he said," I am you."

And I asked," How can you be me?"

And he said," We share the same heart."

And is the ET mind operating already through the Imaginal/ Subtle in our discourse?

And what kind of Man is that Man, who zapped me with a light between my eyes and commanded that I “give up form”?

I would say that he is a Man of Light. He also has great powers!

And Michael, what do you know now about Highly Plausible that you didn’t know before?

How can we explore healthy forms of the Magic/Mythic and integrate this into the emergent Aperspectival?

"If you bring forth that which is within you it will save you. If you do not bring forth that which is within you it will destroy you." The Gospel of St Thomas



While I agree with the spirit and motive of the article of A. M. Paul, I take its exemplifying situation with many grains of salt. It is an emergency situation ruled by fear and anxiety in a military context where the individual is only cannon fodder without freedom of self-expression. The exact opposite of what I imagine to be a an “extended mind group thought.”

That the group mind is now “staging a surprising comeback” is surprising only to those who despise supernatural speculations (I guess that T. de Chardin would speak of a natural outcome of the development of the noosphere inhabited by souls that “share the same heart” in the “imaginal/subtle.”) And, at least from reading this excerpt, it seems to me that the author did not go beyond a (probably unaware) authoritarian concept of group thinking where everyone must do the same thing, at the same time and in the same manner (just an anecdote: as a vegan I could write tomes about the close mindedness and arrogant reaction I had to endure from one’s colleagues in the business lunch/dinners to my gastronomical disobedience where all MUST “eat the same [heavily meat based] food together”).

As I pointed out also in the session, if the role/proportion/meaning/significance and balance between the individual and collective freedom isn’t seen from a wider perspective (should we say a ‘Goethian Anschauung’?) and one does not create a working/learning/living environment context where the freedom of the soul is not allowed to be nourished and to flourish (or simply ignored, banishing it as an "excessive cognitive individualism” or “a single mind laboring on its own solo thinking”), all these nice plans and projects envisioning new forms of collaboration will not become a group thinking but remain a wishful thinking that won’t change much the present way of doing things together.

But, since I would not like to sound always so negative or the guy who shatters every (seemingly) positive proposal, my take is for other forms of collaboration. Again, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It is already all out there. You can google ‘barcamp’ or ‘open space meetings’ or read my summary of it in a Bildung-context that nevertheless could be suggestive also for something outside of it. Here an excerpt from my book: Group think.pdf - Google Drive


Yes, I hear you. I was macrobiotic for a while and encountered great hostility. If others are entrenched in a rigid pattern or a deeply held limiting belief it is a challenge. When another persons identity is threatened by your choices then the polarization can be extreme. Having been a member of a persecuted minority I am very aware of how easy it is to trigger other people and also how defenses get established to by pass any public embarrassment. If those who attack you are members of powerful institutions ( Science, Church and State) then you are in a predicament. And there is no manual for getting out of such deeply entrenched, culturally sanctioned binding patterns except an open mind and lots of creativity. I learned through trial and feedback how to work in hostile environments during life and death confrontations with hostile forces. My method for developing collaborations has been through the use of Clean Language, which draws upon the field of Cognitive Linguistics and the Metaphorical Mind. I have found few methods as effective for getting in rapport with the Non Consensus Reality from which the Consensus Reality emerges. This rapport can radically transform dangerous situations. I’m glad to say that I don’t think there are dangers lurking in the Cafe but this is a fragile situation we are all in and lots of noise is in our shared environment that we need to be mindful of. It isn’t what we say but how we say it that is most communicative. No one likes to be labeled and dismissed. I’m sure the article was intended to generate ideas and that is how I read it.

Yes, I think you are expressing a meta-pattern in your behavior in groups, and you have brought attention to this in the last live call. I try to hear the positive intention behind your objections and that is not always easy as there is often static in most public events that obscure communications. You mentioned your façade. We all have one. Rigidly held 3D orientations are difficult to over come even when persons have transcended such an orientation. Old traumas are easily activated which you may not wish to activate. I wish you well in your efforts to bring forth the best that is within you in a supportive group. How can we share difference that can make a difference? This could be a focus in the next group event?


I can only Quote :

In Feeling-Into the Image above of the Wrestling Metaphor-Organizing Idea (Jacob & the Man- Messenger),this Particular Soma senses with the Eyes the Difference of the two (One without Wings & one with Wings) & also common of Both being on land,this then Feels/Sees-Into the Dynamic of the Encounter/Engagement.
This Form of one’s own Engagement with the Metaphor brings “Highly Plausible” in a “Goething” sense to my Limited Way of Experiencing/Engaging .

I Find it Experientially Interesting that it is the Hip of the Human Body the Man-Messenger TOUCHES,because this is considered area in certain Wisdom Traditions to Be
the Sacral, Dan Tein,Hara or in very Physical terms of a Wrestler “Center of
Gravity” a Concentration of Energy & the Man-Messenger has Wings(maybe in the sense of Imagination?). All this is to bring a sharing of the Intention-Attention I Give to Your Question, John. I Hope that has a Vibratory Relation with You?

So Very True Marco !“and YET” Your response Landed Very much seems as one sided in the sense of lacking of not accepting that any Change in the Way
Humans Learn to Work together in Groups(releasing the shadow side of Herd Mentality ) is to work with also the Origin of Our Imprinting around “Group”- The Family & the Defense System that’s an aspect of…
What I Found Intriguing & Motivating is at least with this acticle;

"A psychologist on the lookout for “socially distributed cognition” could hardly have chanced upon a better example. Too often, however, we’re not alert to such instances of collective thought. Our culture and our institutions tend to fixate on the individual—on his uniqueness, his distinctiveness, his independence from others. In business and education, in public and private life, we emphasize individual competition over joint cooperation. We resist what we consider conformity (at least in its overt, organized form), and we look with suspicion on what we call “groupthink.”

[In some measure, this wariness may be justified.Uncritical group thinking can lead to foolish and even disastrous decisions.] But the limitations of excessive “cognitive individualism” are becoming increasingly clear as well. Individual cognition is simply not sufficient to meet the challenges of a world in which information is so abundant, expertise is so specialized, and issues are so complex. In this milieu, a single mind laboring on its own is at a distinct disadvantage in solving problems or generating new ideas. Something beyond solo thinking is required—the generation of a state that is entirely natural to us as a species, and yet one that has come to seem quite strange and exotic: the group mind."

I am not in complete disagreement with You , Marco; I just know that the way I have crawled,walked,Run with & away in terms of Groups of Many
Configuration has been Deeply Influenced by Family,Peers & (fill in the Blank},and without any Offense to Your :

“we don’t have to reinvent the wheel”.,we need to Learn ANEW that it’s
about Wholeness with Holes? EVER PRESENT ORIGIN?
Thank You Marco for bringing forth Your Soul Attention!