Cosmos Café [9/10] - Follow-up to Quantum Entanglement on Spiritual Possibilities

Recorded 10 September 2019

Following our presentation of Quantum Entanglement in August, we propose a second session based on the expressed interest to explore linkages between Quantum Entanglement and spiritual questions. Marco Masi (@MarcoMasi) and I (@Geoffrey_Edwards) will lead the discussion again. We propose to open the discussion with a brief description of aspects of quantum mechanics relevant to the discussion.

Reading / Watching / Listening

Marco Masi has two videos on the subject :
Sri Aurobindo and Quantum Physics, Part I : Sri Aurobindo and Quantum Physics - Part I - YouTube - Note that one needs to be familiar with Aurobindo’s ideas to really follow this discussion ;
Sri Aurobindo and Quantum Physics, Part II : Sri Aurobindo and Quantum Physics - Part II - YouTube

Seed Questions

  • What do you understand about quantum mechanics and its relevance to everyday life or, indeed, spiritual practices?

Context, Backstory, and Related topics

See earlier discussion on quantum entanglement : Cosmos Café [8/13] - Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Coherence and Quantum Consciousness
Also, see discussion of quantum field poetics : Quantum Field Poetics (CCafe 8/21)

Other links and videos :
Quantum Entanglement and Indian Metaphysics : God Particle, Shaktinipat (Quantum Entanglement), Divinity in Matter #17 - YouTube


Have fun folks.

As many of you know, I’ll be on (US) travel as of 16 Sep and am taking neither phone nor laptop with me. And given that we have an overfilled itinerary as it is, finding the leisure time to follow up on the first stimulating session on this topic just isn’t in the cards.

Be well, and enjoy-

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I had forgotten, Ed. I changed it for the week before… I think the Cafe for the 10th is still not fixed…


Hear, hear. If it’s the 10th, then I’ll most certainly be there! :nerd_face:


Uhh… hopefully you will not be submerged by my “Sri Aurobindo overloads”. :wink:


Heh, heh, heh … to be perfectly honest, I’m looking forward to the challenge. As they say, “no pain, no gain.” :smiling_imp:


I listened to both videos, Marco. I will need to listen again to take it all in. They are quite dense… :slight_smile:


And do you think that one more go-around is going to suffice?

I remember a time when “dense” was not considered a positive attribute. How refreshing that that has changed.

So, I wasn’t just trying to be funny with my pain/gain quip. :roll_eyes:


That’s what I meant with „overload”. I didn’t propose it for that reason, but since Geoffrey went for it and “dense” has become a positive attribute… :wink: At any rate, no need to go through the whole thing, we can just pick out one aspect and focus on that or discuss something else.
As to more go-arounds I’m open to it. Just wondering if there must be a limit? Perhaps an idea would be that to take up each time an author, article, video, etc. centering on that and continue with the sessions until there is an interest to do so.