Dionysus (Part 1)

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Hey @sororbrigid; congrats on the 50th episode. Dionysus is one of my favorite all-time deities, which I picked up from Nietzsche—though he created too much of a binary between Dionysus and Apollo for my philosophical taste.

I was aware (you made me aware, in an earlier piece) of the connection between Dionysus and Jesus Christ—but I didn’t know about the overlap with Shiva. That is an awesome triumvirate of mythic godmen there.

I hope you don’t mind, I added a custom image to the episode and added this to the gallery on the home page. We had the previous first piece up there for a while—Dionysus is an apropos figure, with the changing of the season, to bring new life to the page.

Hey Marco–thanks! Yeah, Nietzsche is a little too dualistic for my taste as well. Shiva was a bit surprising for me as well, but it does make sense. That’s fine with me if you change the image, I’ve been thinking it might be good to change the images on the other ones too, bit by bit, rather than just re-using the crow all the time.

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