Dr. Cornel West – Rally for Truth, Love, & Justice

I got to see Cornel West, up close in a smallish room, at Naropa University last night. @Kayla and I brought the girls. It was an experience I don’t think we’ll forget anytime soon.

I share this not to talk about the presidential election—I don’t think West is really (or, credibly) running for President—but because the speech itself was such an outstanding performance, touching on music, art, literature, spirituality, religion, AND history, politics, etc., with a strong dose of pathos and humor.

Although there were a number of preliminary speakers, I suggest starting with a Professor Ramon S Gabrieloff-Parish’s remarks at 1:49:48, which lead into West‚ who rocks the mic like few other public intellectuals.


One of my favorite humans. Thanks for posting…

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YouTube version seems to be messed up pretty badly, not sure what is wrong, won’t play West’s part of the talk, skips to when others are on stage. ??? When I try to make it play, I keep seeing trump images. and other weird stuff. No West in sight!
Anybody got any ideas?

There’s a long string of speakers before Dr. West, who doesn’t get onstage until around the 2-hour mark. I’m not having any trouble with skipping ahead and I’m not seeing weird stuff. Does this link https://www.youtube.com/live/P9mNutGDbKg?si=gWDwO-cX1BiUFEEN start at about the right point for you?

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Kayla! This link you just sent me works fine, thank you kindly.

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Kayla, so grateful to you for coming up with a better link for me
so that my ears could fill up with this incredible “Music”. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I fixed the link above. Thanks!