Egoic Defense Mechanisms


A part of me wants to die.
A part of me wants to die.
A part of me wants to die.

In order for a new world to be born another world needs to die.

What part of life needs to die for the new world we all know is possible to be born???

Drum Roll

“Egoic Defense Mechanisms”

What are Egoic Defense Mechanisms?

In short, it’s a strategy that consciousness creates when humans are under duress/feeling helpless to enable them to deal with a form of intensity it has decided it cannot handle. It then becomes a layer that sits on top of our deepest form of I AM and people start filtering their entire life through these Egoic Defense Mechanisms (EDMs). EDMs have parts to them. There are the nasty stories people make up about themselves, masks people put on, and new ways of coping with life to avoid the feelings they have a story they can not fully feel. The EDMs also suppresses/compartmentalizes the traumas they weren’t able to fully digest.

People often refer to EDMs as other names like the Ego, belief systems, sense of self, the apps we play in the background … etc. The EDMs keeps our energy locked at neutral or lower. Energy rich and super rich experiences are difficult to come by because of the EDMs. EDMs keep us in scarcity and out of abundance.

Can an EDM die?

Yes, but historically it’s been very difficult and only a small number of spiritual masters around the planet achieved this. However, in these times we have access to more methods than ever that help us with this process. I have consciously been obsessed with this process since 2011 and unconsciously my whole life. I have found when you stack certain distinctions, methods, and modalities the process goes a lot faster.

How do EDMs die?

You can’t kill an EDM by pushing it away. In fact, that will make it worse. There are three parts to this process.

  1. Self-Awareness – what does your EDMs look like specifically? You need to be precise and as you go further into consciousness the more will be revealed about is really going on.

  2. Retraining the mind to disengage from those patterns and choose patterns that enable it to be present and connected to everything. There is a long time period where you train your mind to operate beyond the EDMs, the EDMs don’t fully recede until point #3 is finished. Ken Wilber would refer to this process of mastering the mind as part of the waking up line of development.

  3. Releasing all the suppressed trauma, unfelt feelings and emotions bottled up, because of the EDMs, as well as the limiting beliefs …etc. The Tibetan’s call this process dharmadhatu exhaustion and Christians refer to the process as purification. In Ken Wilber’s work her refers to it as cleaning up. Donny Epstein’s would use Awaken Discover energetics to enable this process, so we can see the gifts in the wound and release the trapped energies. You really need a lot coherent directed energy to move through this process. It takes skill and training. Psychedelics, altered states, and other energy tools can help when used in a certain precise ways.

It’s a multiyear/decade process for sure, even if you make it your highest priority, like I did. The good news is your life gets better and better the more you do of this work. More energy, more synchronicities, your life is more aligned with your dream life, better relationships, more presence, better discernment, more happiness, greater capacity to be with the full range of life and appreciate its beauty, deeper embodiment …etc.

This is my life’s work and my gift to humanity is to co-create new systems to make this process easier for others, so we can all achieve higher energetics and live out our respective and collective soulgastic lives.

One of the best books I have read on EDMs is the Five Personality Patterns by Steven Kessler.

This book helped me see that when I’m avoiding certain feelings, like anger and shame, I tend to leave the situation in my head and/or dominate the other person intellectually in a defensive way proving my superiority. I have been running on deeply held assumptions that’s it not safe to fully rest in my body and that I can’t trust anybody so I need to do everything alone.

It’s time to let those assumptions go.

I’m calling in a new life.

I’m moving into RECEIVERSHIP.

I am worthy of having all my highest aspirations becoming a reality on Earth NOW. I receive embodiment, presence, passionate romance/happy marriage, healthy children, a deeply meaningful and successful career giving my gifts as a leader, mentor, teacher, consultant, author, speaker, entrepreneur; financial abundance, peace, freedom to speak my truth, continued health and epic friendships with deep connection and intimacy, and continued deep faith that everything in existence serves our growth and development. May my success inspire and enable all human beings to bring their magical gifts to Earth in peace, happiness, harmony, and abundance.


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  1. My EDM’s, by definition, can only operate on past experience. I have come to listen to my EDM’s, acknowledge their presence and thank them for their guidance which I can choose not to take.
  2. I choose to live in the ever changing fractal present moment, which can be simultaneously my past, present and future. I choose to live in the void of infinite possibilities.
  3. I choose to create and manifest my reality and as such, manifest my future for my highest good.
  4. As I choose for my highest good, I choose for the highest good of all. As I change and all around me changes, I can change my mind and make different choices. Thus I tame the EDM tiger by telling it , you don’t know everything and that is OK. If I chose the best path for me, I can never chose the wrong path.

Enjoy the Mercury in Virgo retrograde shadow, we will revisit soon enough. Lady G