In the Crack – by John Davis

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I feel hands on my body, male-gendered, quasi-human hands, but without physical bodies, invisible; at night they come to study me. I see reams of code, and one of these invisible beings is reading off the code to a vast intelligence. They are studying my body, my night body, my hybrid body, a phase space, a little night music….

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Incredibly written piece, thank you. I was captivated from start to finish, fascinated by the dark angel, by the nihilistic being beyond good and evil…and by our human purpose…to be humans. My intuition tells me that this union between Heaven and Hell, this marriage between Earth and Sky, is breaking some kind of cosmic rule and reaching beyond the acceptable order of things, transforming the very fabric of universal existence. Thank you for voicing the vacant spaces of the underworlds, the craving for light and love, and the insatiable hunger for darkness. Poignant. I am left with a sense of poignant inquiry…