Integral Grammatology - "Sophia Speaks" [Cosmos Café 2021-09-02]

I’m glad you brought this out. The inner ear, the home of the vestibular system, is the first system to emerge in utero. Without an orientation in space the organization of the new life can’t happen, up/down. left/right, front/back give direction to the cellular choreography. As we catch the tone of voice from Mama ( up) and the tones move in and through us, our growing life form remembers, and the language system is already activated to match her sounds perceptually. Mother will use a syllable and a toe or finger will twitch… A hearing child of a deaf mother may not have this capacity activated early. After birth and with lots of attention from active live speakers can re-activate this learning in utero that this child missed, a learning that starts the coordination between perception/conception that is rehearsed in utero. In a weird way, long term practice of Clean Space and Clean Language starts to re-wire the nervous system(s) of those who engage with the practice. I sense Michael was able to demonstrate in his behavior some complex interior states , ( at one point he whirled around in his chair ) a kind return to these primordial areas of our somatizing development. There is also an inner eye re-connection that flat screen use can damage. Since my use of computers my lucid dreaming has dropped dramatically. Luckily, I can get it back if I read poetry out loud before bed rather than watch passively a YouTube video.

You mention the last seven minutes of the video. This is where I got the idea for the Clean Space Action Process that I am evolving with Michael and which is open to others who want to refine attention and share intention. The future of our communications is in our hands. Our hands move with our words and our interiors. It is curious that if we sit on our hands it is harder to convey subtle meanings. Somatics, Syntax, and Semantics are intertwined. Dance is a form of meta-communication that we neglect in education. The performing arts in general take a back seat to physics and science. This is a tragic blunder as the performing arts create conditions for high levels of abstraction

Ecologist, Jane Jacobs, said the side walk is what holds civilization together. People, perfect strangers, size each other up, smile, catch a vibe. This is greatly inhibited by car traffic and smart phone usage. I would say what holds the interiors of a civilization together is the dream image. Our monophasic culture has almost drowned out the polyrelational circuitry that the sharing of dream images stimulate. If we could teach our children lucid dreaming what kind of tech would they be creating when they grew up? Sadly, we are in the grip of a tech that is manufactured by faster-faster-bigger-bigger-more-more. The subtle ranges of our experience is denied as unreal or labeled as epiphenomena, just like steam coming off of a kettle. The question you ask of yourself in the dream is an interesting one. I can think of about twenty clean questions to ask. As I mentioned to Michael we need a dialogue partner. Basically, we are learning to use language to model space and time and what is just beyond. I will leave you with a quote-

" Trans-rational apprehensions can be ecstatic or more sober, more or less integrated within the individual; interpreted with greater or lesser sophistication; infused with love, light or bliss or characterized by emptiness and nothingness; remain temporary states or become more permanent states. From gross to subtle to causal to non-dual. One thing they all agree on is that there is a spiritual infrastructure to the universe, the ground of which is also the nature of being. This is the higher truth which needs to become the ordinary truth."-Paul Marshall

I am most drawn to dreams that reveal that spiritual infrastructure. Clean Language is still in its infancy but we who are working in this way, bodyworkers, dancers, singers, poets, dreamers of all kinds, are uncovering this vast artifact/infrastructure that our speech mirrors. When the mirror or the flat screen is shattered, something new might happen. Of course, we could end up speaking gibberish as we did in the fall of the Tower of Babel. Transformation tends to happens to a prepared mind. That preparation is what we can focus attention upon.


Personally, apprehension has been similar to crisis. Typically when I use these words, I aim with the negative connotation, that of “fearful anticipation” and “an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty”. Shift to an alternate definition and you can consciously navigate and change course in times of deep, storming seas of magnificent change.

“They regarded the crisis with apprehension” can take on two very different psychological responses to a pressing situation. One response is deep helplessness in the face of a collapsing worldview, perhaps leading to Connolly’s passive pessimism. Another response would be that of a prepared mind creating conditions for a mystical experience. Marshall uses transrational apprehensions and mystical experiences interchangeably. I can be quite lazy and miss the boat; I appreciate gatherings such as ours that kick sleeping dougs onto the decks of preparation for the coming acts of God.



I imagine that this has already happened, Doug, you are already working with vast complexity and you don’t need anyone to kick you ( except in fun) when you pretend to be asleep when you are actually quite lucid.

My brother this morning was in despair as our 90 year old mother is in the hospital in isolation. I am in New York feeling his despair and his fury and the medical malpractice he suspects is happening and his helplessness starts to feedforward into my sensorium. Brother Craig and sister in law died last year and Mama is taking it hard. I felt helpless, too, and also was curious about this state that my brother was activating through the phone ( a black box with his voice). I wait in silence and slowly, very slowly there is a very slight shift as I let the silence and the space become an ally. His fears and fury subsided. We both calmed down. And asked him with very humble tone of voice, " What is it possible to say right now?" I had to find a space within myself that can know that.

The good news is he got into her room ( he hasn’t been allowed to see her for a month) and I was able to talk through the talk box to her and told her my plans to arrive in Houston in a few days. The staff reported that she was able to stand ( a very good sign) and I coached my brother on how to relax and use therapeutic touch ( even while he is in despair) I have had lots of experience as a care partner and I shared with him some techniques for staying present. His voice changed, he asked different kinds of questions, we developed a mutual trans-rational apprehension as we shared a desired outcome that Mama can get the strength to stand and to take a couple of steps. Is that a possibility? Yes it is because we have declared this to be our desired outcome which we shared with her. There will be many obstacles for sure and I am alert and responsive to those. And a corner was turned. My brother’s despair turned towards a tenderness for her and for me. I told him how to touch her knee and the sole of foot with the palms of his hands and detect a subtle current. I could feel his energetic rapport move towards me and her at the same time and his voice conveyed a sense of wonder. " That’s right," I said," give your attention to that current." Mama woke up and her voice came through, she knew who I was. At such times it is appropriate to abandon structures and stages. We don’t have time to get enlightened but we do have time to get prepared for the highly improbable rather than sit in the expectations of a status quo that supports nihilsit delusions and ungrounded demi-reality. And one step at a time. Millions of us don’t know what to do and are in great chaos. I am open to the latent capacities that emergencies can activate. Trans contextual mutual learning, Nora Bateson says, is possible. I believe it is also desirable.


As your words landed on/in my Whole body-mind-environment:

OIP (2)

Prayers for U & Yours John


Thanks for sharing about your mother in the hospital, and the delicate communications you’ve been conducting—onto-choreographing, perhaps—with your brother. That is really good that you finally have access to her room, and that she can walk. I am sending prayers for the healing of all those relations, and look forward to our in-dwelling dialogue on Thursday, if you will still be present at the Café…though of course, I understand you may be traveling.


She is not walking, yet, she is standing with support. I have seen small gestures like this turn into a series of breakthroughs but it takes patience and we are not out of the chaos yet. Thank you for the prayers. Her name is Polly. I plan to be there tomorrow for the Café with more questions than answers. I will be traveling this Saturday.


Ah, I read too much into the shared desire you expressed that she take a couple steps. I already imagined her doing it, and an accurate memory of your report slipped between the time I read it and when I was writing my response. Thanks for sharing her name, which is so friendly and bright, a classic, Polly. That helps me feel a connection to her more strongly.


My prayers for you and yours John.


I told my brother, Tracy, that my philosophy support group is praying for us. That made him feel really good. We blend head and heart, the heard and the unheard. I pray that we will make sense of Alderman’s text. See you then.


Making Peace is in al-ways in/out/around the Evolutionary
Movement Between Conflict\Growth Tension. A important fundamental Engagement with Philosophy as a Stepping Back is accepting/acknowledging the very intense inner sense of Threat that can be real or perceived!
It May Be the Very Foundation of Philosophy (from my experientially whole body-mind)in that there is a need/want to not be at the Mercy of that experience of threat, there arises a learning to Relate in New & Creative ways.
Then there can Be the next Dance Step from Step Back to “Not Turn Away”,to Find/Experiment with Step Back Into or Around,Through,Etc,Etc,ETC!
This is also a In\Out Breathing from one’s Feet & Feeling the Movement all Through the Body-Mind-Environment!



I am so sorry I missed this conversation in person. I look forward to a nice mocha and the replay over the weekend.