I do not wish to offend anyone here. Notwithstanding - that might happen. I’ve only so much “zest” left. I’ve decided to dedicate that zest/energy to the book I’m working on, my personal health, and my family. So, my participation will be sporadic at best. Cheers.


Those sounds like excellent priorities, @Mark_Jabbour. But I hope you won’t be a stranger, even if you’re sporadic. Thanks for the good times, and see you at the movies…


:slight_smile: check out “Zoe” on amazon prime … it will make you think.

Keep us updated @Mark_Jabbour…don’t know if you feel up to sharing a portion of the book for reading here. I am definitely interested and feel I am a decent reader and I’ve got your back on feedback if you’d like an extra set of eyes!


Thanks buddy, we’ll see. This (Marco’s site) is a distraction. I can get lost/absorbed in the proximate reward (built-in) system (rats in a Skinner box); and go off on/in so many directions (rabbit holes); which does not further the completion/publication of my book … and all that comes along with that, which is part of which the book is about: Who the f__ are we/you/me, and why do we do what we do?


BUT…my friend, you got material for the book FROM this site. AND readers. AND interlocutors. AND…(pro bono) therapists. SO…

What does that mean? Readers? Material, yes. I’m a chop wood/ carry water traditional masculine man, just attempting to live another day. You are acknowledged, many times over, in the book. You had your chance to be on the cover … and so on and so forth. A fire needs fuel lest it dies. Just saying …

I had the sense you were/are a Trump supporter, and I would want to say that no one is really served by a billionaire populist, even if he is displaying traditional masculine characteristics. IMO, he is a symptom of a system that is in a state of “great release and reorganization” as Robb Smith would put it. And to my mind, a way to deal with that in the political sphere, anyways, is through a greatly cleaned up system, which is what MiVote – my hobby horse – is supplying. (](

True that.

Appreciate that.

I was saying that it’s not a distraction, unless it is for you. And if it’s just ‘Marco’s site’ then it will be a failure. This site will be what WE make of it.


Oh my, are off the rails? Don’t go away. Was it the hat?

It is a distraction, a divergence, a rabbit hole. Yep.
But, hang in there/here fellows (to include any girls, and any and all between). If I can persevere, and get this done … some of you you will swing, and then question your, or my, sanity, and what you believe. @madrush and I have an interesting, five year (IRL), relationship, referred to , and examined, in the book. After all, metempsychosis is not a metaphor.

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Go get 'er done, boy! Stop letting us/this (…hole) distract you. I hope it’s an f’n good novel.

nope, not off any rails. i don’t know what you are talking about actually. I had never zoomed in on your hat. who reads shit on hats?

Thanks buddy! ain’t a novel, well sort of - there’s a lot of fiction and “speculative fabulation” in it.

Everybody? Part of the problem of not being in the “space”, I suppose.

i really don’t know what you are talking about, not being in the space, i guess. i wish you the best bro :slight_smile:

Hats off to you both! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks. Maybe someday we’ll meet up, IRL. (gimme a big smile)

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Giddy-up! Cowboys, and cowgirls. :horse: