Perfect words [CCafe 9/4]


(Mark Jabbour) #41

True that. Her almost exact words.

(Mark Jabbour) #42

So … talk about a rabbit hole, or is it resistance? I went to Goodreads and read many readers’ reviews, which proves my point. Many folks didn’t like this book AT ALL. Others found it very helpful, which is to say, was it Lincoln who said about pleasing people? And my point about “variation” and individuality - there’s just never going to be a universal “perfect”. (A good thing.) What about the Mona Lisa? you say, or pick anything. If “experts” hadn’t proclaimed it a “masterpiece”, many probably would just walk on by, whatever IT is. And some will “hate” whatever, just to be “different”. What a mess - meaning people, or smart (stupid), upright-walking, highly social primates - we are.
That said, seems I probably agree with much of what he has to say, the way he said it? not so sure.
All is similar to the psych-person’s position - that if you don’t adhere to what their saying, you’re resisting. Hard to argue against that, yes? The more you push back, the more they can claim resistance. As to inspiration, comes in all manner of different forms, different for different people. Unless, of course, I’m wrong and there is a ____ . It’s possible.

(Marco V Morelli) #43

I think your circular arguments (there is no such things as perfect, but some lines are really, really perfect…Kápli kápali) suggests that it’s not either/or. So let’s say we agree that there is no ‘universal perfection.’ But what if there is a singular kind perfection, which may not hold true for everyone everywhere, but could at least be true for one person, somewhere? I know I have experienced this for a fact—yet, my singular experiences of perfection have no need to be universal for them to still be perfectly true…for me. De gustibus non est disputandum.

(Mark Jabbour) #44

Agree, but the point was, to keep going even it’s not perfect. Or, like JBP, one can take 12 years, write each sentence 50 times, and still, a lot of people won’t get it, like it, and so on. Or you can quit, lots of ways to do that. (like “The war of Art” author is writing about. So, write, think, rewrite, think some more, or not. I think we mostly agree.