Personal Introductions (2023–)

Continuing the discussion from Personal Introductions (2016–2019):

Since our previous Introductions thread has gone dormant and long been buried, I thought I’d open up a new one up for any new folks (or old-timers, coming back) who want to say a few words. You might answer such questions as:

  • What brings you here? What are your passions/interests?
  • Where do you live in the world? What do you do?
  • What would you like to explore together with others on this forum?

It’s great to have you here! Please respect the wildlife—be kind, be curious—and (as in mi casa es su casa) make yourself at home. :smile:

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Hello to whomever will find this page. Someone called me amanda once and it stuck.
I’m in Sacramento, CA where I partner in a creative small business and study.
I paint abstract ink stuff and study consciousness and transformation through CIIS. Working on my PhD (in the proposal stage) and also earning a certificate in journalism (because ADD has its perks).
I love conversations about the nature of reality, synchronicity, biocentrism, systems theory, fractal time, and so on.
Embrace the uncertainty!




So based on spending sometime in this realm of Infinite Conversations here’s a dash about me.I am a lower middle-class seed of a human, with parents that did their best to pass on Values of Kindness,Friendship,Family,Independence of Mind with a Heart-ear for “the needs of others”. Grandparents that lived through the Intense changes of the first 60years of the 20th century,Grandfathers who worked with there hands,one who modeled the love of reading.Growing up through the 60’s in the Chaos of my own times,that had similar disruption as both my parents,grandparents & this Now Moment.I love being exposed to ,& exploring Ideas,both Cognitively & Affectively which is very much needed.I consider my myself a traveling Vagabond philosopher that is Handy with his hands as much as his Mouth,with a Very Intense Passion for Language & it’s Affects on the Body-Heart-Mind of the Human Animal.There’s a moving into a “Unknown New Form”,one that is not stuck in Binary ways of Thinking,Feeling or Acting,this is an ongoing process with no “Determined Idea of WTF the Shape or Expression”.For this particular Human there’s a “Trust the Struggle”& Love the Ride!

Welcome to Cosmos, amada mina!


Hello, I am a follower of the Shadhuliyya Sufi path and in particular a student of the great 12th Century Sufi teacher Muhyiddin Ibn al Arabi. My (mostly poetic) writing attempts to open doors to the realities of the Sufi path and convey something of the taste of love, peace and mercy found in its environs.

Having worked as an architect for 50 years, I have now retired to the beautiful Welsh coast and would like to spend my last years writing and making ceramics


Hi @Muhyiddin, Welcome!

Perhaps you could share some of Muhyiddin Ibn al Arabi’s poetry (or even some of your own) on this thread:

I for one would be very interested in reading it and learning more about Sufi poetry (beyond Rumi, whom so many of us have read, and still love).


Marco, thanks for the invitation to share Ibn Arabi’s poetry. I’m not sure I’m going to get it in the right location, so please forgive me if I mess up.



Here ! doing my best to stay informed


Welcome! Care to say a little more about your interests?

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Welcome to Cosmos Co-op! I am immediately drawn to your list of interests…most especially…

“Embrace the uncertainty!”

Hope to “meet” you somewhere/sometime in the Cosmos cosmos…
Maia (long-timer)


“May the words that (we) speak be the ones you hear.”

Let it be.

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