Prose for the Paranoid – by Sue Stevenson


I loved this, Sue! You articulate what is only vague pressures that many of us feel. How apropos–that you would connect to numerous others through a medium that is at times your saving grace and retreat, that in your coveted isolation and doubt/fear thereof, you would tap deeply into the subtleties of a widely-felt current human experience, and in elucidating those, cause others to resonate in relief of being seen, just as in the-process-of-building-bonds-in-in-person-community. Thanks!


Thanks, Caroline!

Isn’t it funny that paradox feels like the firmest ground in these giddy times :relaxed:

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The “tone” of your article was paranoia: latent with anxiety and very effective in conveying this. A commentary on your general temperament, yes, but also most definitely the “tone” of the society we live in today. Thank you for it.

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Thanks soulnavigatour.

Perhaps paranoia and anxiety shared is (at least sometimes) halved. So easy to blame ourselves entirely when our society is insane

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