Questions on The State and public and private administration

Hello guys. I wanted a brief contribution from you. Here in Brazil we are close to the presidential elections that will be October 7. I wanted to know more about the United States and other countries (I think most of you are from there, who can not contribute as well). I would like you to put your country, state and city where you live and answer some questions about the functioning of the State in public and private administration and the functioning of your daily lives. If you want to comment or put details about the questions. I will divide the questions into two parts. I’ll put the other in a few days.

1 - What is the “democratic model” of your country (system of government)? Presidentialism, parliamentarism or otherwise. Is the country a Federation, Confederation, Monarchy, Republic or other?
2 - How many congresses are there? And how much does one receive?
3 - How did the United States acquire Alaska? How do people live and what is the main economic activity there?
4 - Is America’s success today restricted to economic policy?
5 - Is Trump very popular?
6 - Is access possible to weapons? About gun control, are you for or against? Is there any procedure, requirement or paperwork to get one?
7 - Would you agree to reduce spending on the military and military (say 5% to 10% for some other specific purpose?
8 - Is there a death penalty in your State?
9 - Are your state prisons public or private?
10 - Which states or states of the US or the country you are most fond of and why.
11 - Your opinion about Trump? A positive and negative point of its policy and governance.
12 - Who did you want to govern your country today? (can be someone alive or dead).
13 - How do you see immigrants from your city? Do you always work in basic jobs, suffer from prejudice? Do you support any kind of migratory control?
14 - Do you consider America or your country prosperous economically and with opportunities for all?
15 - What is the average number of hours worked by a worker in your country per week or monthly? (taking into account more basic works).
16 - How does social security work (public and private)?
17 - Do you play any sport? What?
18 - What would be the most important reason for the United States to be a power in sports?
19 - Talk to some kind of service, product, food or entertainment that you consider quite expensive where you live.
20 - Say a typical food and exactly what is it?
21 - What is the average value of gasoline, alcohol and diesel?
22 - In the most rural regions, what else is produced?
23 - Is there any Brazilian product? What?
24 - Which sector of the private sector is the fastest growing?
25 - What would you prefer today: a great job and a basic education or an education of excellence and a basic job?
26 - What is the best state company in your country or state? What is her activity (ex: oil, mail, etc.)
27 - Is there inheritance tax? What the value?
28 - How is access to the Public University?
29 - Would you be able to say if civil servants as judges, ministers, prosecutors, procurators of justice, police agents, sheriffs, delegates have any supplementary salary or benefit beyond their own salary or earnings? For example, private security.
30 - How is the choice of the above positions? Indication of the president, mayor, governor or some type of public tender to enter the career?