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Microdose (noun) — a literary fragment for the digital age; short, creative pieces, multimedia art; scholastic footnotes, sprawling hypertexts; cultural spores…

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This is a fun idea. Here is a quick rant that might qualify as a “microdose”:

Attempts at deconstructing God fail to take the narrative of God seriously, and in so doing degrade and deny the theological reasoning behind that narrative. The basic tenet of any sound theology is that God cannot be negated, yet this goes so often goes ignored. Theology is in turn reduced to an “archaeology of bad ideas,” and we are left in an academic environment which favors business and finance majors who perpetuate an ideology of consumerism and by reason of being quarantined to those fields are unable to offer anything of spiritual worth to society. Economists espouse dogmatic visions of neoliberal capital and either fail to see its unsustainability or know it too well to want to think about it. An integral perspective on the whole situation entails acknowledging that theology has something to say about economics… that biology has something to tell us about global governance. A truly integral perspective demands that we realize the intrinsic interdisciplinary nature of the pursuit of true knowledge, a realization which simultaneously exposes the inadequacies of academic sectarianism.

  • Taylor
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