Synaptic Tides – by Marjorie Kaye


Wow. This art really makes my Third Eye buzz!

The colors, patterns, and sense of movement feel vibrant and alive with cosmic juice.

I love how organic these feel—even on a screen.

Thanks for posting this collection, @marythaler, and Marjorie, for sharing your work.

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Hi Marjorie,

I really love the way that flashes of sacred geometry and esoteric symbolism are embedded in the living flux of the compositions. This gives the pieces the sense of being real-time embodiments of visionary experiences rather than just illustrations of a concept. As with Klee and Kandinsky and af Klint, when looking at your work I feel that a kind of veil has been torn away, that I am being invited to peer into the hidden logic of nature. A hand has been waved, and my perception has been cleansed. With the reliefs, I imagine them to be meteorites that have fallen to earth from some interdimensional wedding celebration. This is not to say that I don’t also appreciate the careful craft that goes into the pieces, only that the vision and the craft are seamless in their interplay. Whenever I see your work, it leaves me wanting to see more.


Thank you so much! I am so happy to be a part of this endeavor.


Brian George I can only peer in to what you observe so clearly. Thank you for crystallizing my vision and intention in the work.