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The All-Loving Peace, and Fulfillment
of a Commonly Sensed Consciousness

January 1st, 6-7:30pm PT,
the 5th, Friday 6-7:30pm PT
7th, Sunday at Noon-1:30pm PT

This is a chance to practice a life-changing experience, feeling quiet mind and causeless joy, liberated from the illusions of separation and limitation. This easily reproducible exercise shows how “The world can live as one.”


Sperry Andrews is the founder/co-director of the internationally-based Human Connection Institute, researching how every man, woman, and child is linked by our innate capacity for being collectively conscious. He explores how the exclusivity of an egocentric “separate self” is simply a learned by-product of a fragmentary way of paying attention. His research spans all the branches of science, and intimately clarifies why we have avoided “unity consciousness” and how we can unlearn this habit. How, as millions of us learn to pay attention together, this “promises” to eliminate poverty, pollution, disease, crime and war. Through thirty years of trial and error research with hundreds of multicultural groups, he’s shown how paying attention together grants us access to a shareable spirited intelligence.

Whether one-on-one, serving on a team, or as a group facilitator, Sperry loves sharing experientially and insightfully. His background is in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, (para)psychology, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking. For over thirty years, he has explored two-way telesomatic awareness with hundreds of groups internationally, contributed to original laboratory research in the field of distant mental influence (DMILS), published essays on the origins of primordial consciousness and its evolution in space over time. He currently orchestrates a large-scale, spiritually-inspired, multinational, scientifically-based, media project to help facilitate humanity’s imminent leap into collective enlightenment.

guidelines for the exercise:

This exercise was derived by trial and error, with the help of thousands of people, over a period of thirty years. By becoming practiced at sharing consciousness, ever more consciously together, we will co-evolve and cultivate a ‘common sense’ that grants us access to our combined intelligence, significantly enhancing what we are each capable of achieving. In this first exercise, we begin with each of us taking a turn, speaking slowly in a tone of voice that is easily heard by everyone in the group, describing what we seem to be sensing and feeling together, without referring to the past, or future, or our selves, eliminating all “I” statements. Whenever it is our turn to speak, we do our best to describe what it is that we are noticing with others, as it is happening, as we are speaking. As co-facilitator’s, we each focus the group’s awareness on the quality and presence of what we are conscious of as a group.

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