thanksgiving and happy holidays

So …
Tuesday (27 November) I’m doing podcast, “Hollow Points”. Check it out if that works for you … Everything is in its target range. Though as of now it is not live streamed, so I’ll likely be here for the next @cafe. Just saying … Have a great Thanksgiving!


How did your podcast go, Mark? Link?

Hard to say? By what is that measured? I’ll have to listen to it once it’s posted (tomorrow? and also But these guys, Andrew and Billy, very smart, very hip, and very contemporary.
I’d love to link. How can we do that? via what door?

session # 53 with Leslie today - she’s the best! (Though hesitant to take credit.)

Book is very close to being available, already is, via an ebook, which I’m not a big fan of.

And so …


and thanks for your friendship!



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