The Hillywood Show

@andreavdl, I’m sharing these here as I was thinking others might enjoy them as well.

Conversational context: tweens & teens, scriptwriting & directing, plays & filmmaking. I thought of these sisters who’ve done some fun parodies/tributes our girls have really enjoyed, especially:

I also pointed my older daughter to the original music videos for further appreciative context: Rocky Horror’s Time Warp, All The Good Girls Go to Hell, and Thrift Shop respectively.

For the rest of you, perhaps:


What brought them to mind is how you can see where they were at as teenagers, submitting an entry to an AOL contest (they didn’t win and fans encouraged them to continue and put their show on a ‘new’ site called Youtube). They also started putting up ‘behind the scenes’ videos as well because those were the kind of videos they craved when they were starting out. I really appreciate they’ve kept up their older videos because I think they’re a great example of continuing to work at something you’re passionate about (even if it’s not your main gig).

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Laughing Wine Jesus by Rochelle Walden

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