The Iceman Cometh; How Can We Evolve Our Immune System?

And now that the Modern is collapsing what do we want to have happen?

And when healthy what is that like?

How can we re-connect to our ancient ancestors from the Neolithic who survived across great spans of time in brutal conditions? How did they do it?

This video integrates lots of different kinds of knowledge from different streams and makes sense. I have used the Hoff method, which has similarities to the ancient Tibetan practice of tumo. After two months of daily practice of cold showers and breath work, I stunned myself with being able to do 100 pushups on empty lungs. I couldn’t do this when I was twenty. This was so weird I stopped doing it. I was 65 years old. This is impossible! My mind rejected this new capacity.

As the giant Ponzi scheme collapses we may need to learn how to re-direct our meta-attentions. I am taking five minute cold baths again and doing the breathing. I am in a very good mood afterwards. Combined with an openness to new metaphors and a willingness to change can I make it to 200 pushups? It is hard to let go of limiting beliefs that are installed by our culture. Now I have a lot more time so I am returning to the practice. Highly recommended.