The Last Call

I got the news that my brother, Craig, had ceased in the early morning, having suffered much pain. And he had suffered for many years with many complaints.

Wild as a child, he grew up to become a family man, a grandpa, a patriarch you could trust. We supposed that Craig, during much turmoil and strife, got some of what he wanted.

And in the late afternoon, I sat on my fire-escape, and let go of what might have been. It was clear to us both from our last call, that we were no longer becoming what we were becoming.

And this was the first evening of his long absence. I was impressed by the presence of the Empress tree, spreading her wide branches towards the soft glowing sky and the gentle humming birds and bees, buzzing with great speed, into the folds of the powerful purple blossoms,. And all of those many invisible communiques happening between plants, insects, sun and water, all happening beyond my powers to touch, to make sense of.

Mama would drop us off at the day care center. " Take care," Mama said," of your little brothers." She waved good bye, so well dressed, so pretty, and she hunkered down into the car, the big green one. Behind the wheel, she turned on the engine, drove off to the job, somewhere, downtown.

Craig had red hair, electric blue eyes, clear porcelain skin and he reached through the fence, towards her car driving off, with tiny little hands, grasping at something that was never there.


The Vibration of Your Heart John reaches my Small Window of knowing & interacting with You through Social Dreaming( in this Medium). Peace,Kindness & Tenderness Be Upon You,My Friend;Michael

Flowing Flame Healing


John, feel you so beautiful and loving as you write this for us to enter, to be with you and your brother. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing this small portal into your heart, John. Your brotherly love comes through.