The Lost Mariner and the Keys to the Holographic Theatre – by Brian George

Part One

Part Two

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I wonder if some would override the memory loss to know that something had indeed taken place. In other words, could one actually be aware of the memory loss and start building new memories? In that way, the ever present consciousness is not dependent on memory for reflection.
Brian, the article kind of mirrored that- it started with historical knowledge and ended with the existential questioning.

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Brian, a brilliant dark delicious piece. Each sentence is geodic, rich on the outside, revelatory on the inside. Looking forward to another serving… :slight_smile:

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Recommend Diane Ackerman’s book One Hundred Names for Love, which is a depth probe of global aphasia/memory loss, after her husband’s massive stroke, mainly in language areas. He was previously a language mavin, reduced to no reading/writing/speak, reduced to stammering a single syllable. She worked with him intensely and constantly and did find what seemed to be an Awareness (ever present consciousness?) of his losses and failed attempts to speak, etc . etc. Though doctors did not believe he would ever regain communication abilities, he surpassed all expectations and eventually was able to write an account of the experience.


We’ve just published Part Two of @brian.george51’s essay. It’s quite a bit more expansive. Would love to hear what you think!


“Reading” is not an action verb powerful enough to describe the experience of feeling/absorbing/responding to this. . A lot like post-Masks of Origin, I am struck, I am speechless, but feeling galaxies and ages of happenings in this limited, aging body/abode…nearly more than feelable, to tell the truth…

This Theatre, the Play, the Players, reverberate.
If I try to say more, I will start to stammer, will turn in circles, will go
supernova. The time of arrival (and departure) is Earth Day.
And I hear a woman singing:

“I hear the ancients calling, calling…
come home, come home, come home…”

Note: above *Lyrics belong to Beverly Glenn Copeland
from the album, The Ones Ahead

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