Toward a Vision for Infinite Conversations

(Philippa Rees) #23

Did not find this earlier, so late to this thread but I liked the exchange between you and Sue, and share something of her world-fucked despair.It made me conscious of my own destructive nihilism that tries to hope for nothing, and remains surprised when nothing comes!

(Douglas Duff) #24

The whole platform—and most importantly, the culture that sustains it—is designed to help you manifest.

I envision a future of ecstatic dialogue with practical results. May it be so!"

Consider your future already forming in this present. Again, as a new comer, I cannot give enough positive feedback for the groundwork to continue in its current direction; whether through mindful individuals or mindful bots or the mindful collective, some sort of practical-ecstatic culture is forming here. Thank you again for your vision @madrush!