Updating the Metapsychosis About page

@metapsy-collective / @metapsy-authors : I think it’s time to update the Metapsychosis ‘About’ page and I’m looking for creative input.

This was originally written in July 2016 and times have changed:

I would welcome any of your comments and suggestions. Use Suggestion Mode to add or strike content:


We can discuss specific textual issues on the doc itself, and larger questions here in the forum.

I would also like to update our masthead, add information about copyright and submissions, and generally make the page more useful. I am also looking for a new background image and potentially logo.


In general, I would like to strike a better balance between this being a curated and a community project. Too much of the former (which I believe is the case w/ us) and the editorial-creative process becomes insular; too much of the latter and it loses focus and quality.

How can we inspire broader and deeper engagement amongst a meshwork of writers, artists, editors, conversationalists, and readers? And let’s not forgot promoters, organizers, and funders—how can we cultivate a literary ecosystem?

Perhaps re-defining what the project is about (i.e., its purpose and intended meaning, if not its method and madness) would be a good first step in this direction. Thank you for your participation!

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That’s a keen insight, much resonance with the curation/community conversation creative tensions I’m continually learning with and from in the Conversation Community.

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