What do you think abour Prehispanic Art?

Hi, I studied history at Unam and I had to read more than 20 books per month, and not the easy ones with footnotes and notes and very high intellectual explanations…haha.
Well, the thing is that among some of those books and comments of the professors I remember reading that the prehispanic sacrificed people, and even some of them ate the heart, can you believe it?.. but I saw this in codices, sculptures, and more…but is this story really true?
I have always been very close to the indigenous communities because of my parents, who worked with them, my grandfather, may he rest in peace, was an admirer of prehispanic art. And when I was a child I couldn’t stand it, I thought they were ugly monstrous stones.
Now I see everything with very different eyes. I even think they have an esoteric spiritual message and many spiritual teachers confirmed. How do you perceive pre-Hispanic art? Here are some pictures of Teotihuacan art that obviously do not represent all the prehispanic art but a small part.

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I love the indigenous art of what is now Central and South America, @KlausSansaya. I feel it has deep spiritual power, and some small part of me (through my mother’s mestizo ancestry from El Salvador, and the Nahuatl Pipil roots of that region) deeply resonates with that pre-Hispanic art.

I believe those sometimes scary masks and sculptures embody spiritual realities and entities, and were/are a way for the people to relate to and integrate the forces of the spiritual and super-natural realms. They still pulsate with a lot of power, in my experience. I can understand why you feel so moved by them!

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Great experience, yes I do now admire more them art after studying for a Master in Art History, I did my thesis in Mayan art. But I still know that going to university and learning to observe images and read books is not enough to approach any kind of knowledge and art.
I still don’t know what is the real meaning of the sacrifices, if they really exist.
I recently had a conversation with a woman that had ancestors in Teotihuacan and she told me those do not exist… but I do not understand why they are in certain images?