Alternate Realities & Dreaming

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This is a Art-iculation of my ongoing passion to embracing Waking Up Alive.[quote=“Douggins, post:19, topic:2388”]
I think most of us here naturally navigate towards the appreciation of what our senses (and extraordinary senses) can achieve outside of an intellectual examination.
This is a Art-iculation of embracing that only a Intellect that Respects & Joins in a Holy Union with the Senses will in Fact Be Alive & Awake.
I am Grateful for this chance to be with new friends in this Inquiry.Let’s “Get into it like a Meditation” to quote Van Morrison on Wavelength,Checkin’ It Out.Until we Zoom in Together,Peace,Michael

(john davis) #23

Developing questions

And when ( client statement, key word) is there anything else about ___________?

And when ( client statement) what kind of ______________?

And when ( client statement) whereabouts is that?

And when ( client statement) does _____________ have a size or shape?

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Awesome time today Doug & John,Thanks…here’s my snapshot times long ago & faraway.

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Description (this is a wiki post; please edit in any information to make the summary better):

Johnny Davis leads the group with a Clean Start experiment with memory. Michael and Doug explore memories from childhood and attempt to have their bird brains line up in birds-of-a-feather flock formation.

John states in the Infinite Conversations forum:

"How do we distinguish my history from world history? What are the necessary conditions for my mind? How do we represent ( drawings, sketches, doodles) a mind to our self and to others?

"Clearly, the balancing act between conceptual and non-conceptual is controversial. Neuroscience claims we cant talk about non conceptual content but we can represent such content. Intuition is the middle murky area as we become aware of the flux of sense as an awareness of something tht is mine, or yours, or ours. The hermeneutics of the aesthetic.

“A disciplined inquiry into these liminal zones is important as well as energizing and puzzling. We can co-sponsor one another and break out of the censorship of the ego.”

John later leads the group in applying Clean Language skills in their own practices.

Clean Language questions:

And when (client statement, key word) is there anything else about ___________?
And when (client statement) what kind of ______________?
And when (client statement) whereabouts is that?
And when (client statement) does _____________ have a size or shape?

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I am liking The Marvelous Clouds. Some of its insights into an alternate understanding of ontology might be a good talking point for tomorrow. Any thoughts?

(john davis) #27

I do have some thoughts. I have just started the book and like it a lot and may have some time to focus attention on it. This feels like it could be large conversation.

As I am starting to figure out we need to develop an onto-epistemological attitude. I am finding the gap between the two disciplines unworkable. Luckily I have recently found some help in Karan Barad’s work. I am reading Meeting the Universe Halfway and find her philosophically compatible. She works with Haraway’s ideas smoothly and they both share the concept of diffraction. This is important conceptual tool for working with alternate ways. I feel I have found the missing link to much of my confusion.

After reading her chapter on Diffraction I did my regular dream practice and had two OBEs!!! The take off was smooth and gentle my recall excellent. I have found that I have more than just wiggle room, I am making a tunnel between multiple dimensions. It’s pretty lonely out there but I imagine if others can find the link we could start a big convention or something! I am confronting huge unanswered meta-questions.

More on this later.

(john davis) #28

Alternate ways of knowing/becoming are explored in Michael Murphy’s Future of the Body. His pioneering research is worth taking a look at as he was influenced by Sri Aurobindo and created the famous Easlen Institute. I suggest that we take a look at this list. Musing upon the list before bed may trigger some deep learnings.

–Synesthesia, or crossing of the senses, seeing sounds, hearing colors
–Feeling that someone is watching you and then turning to meet their gaze.
–Feeling a compatibility or incompatibility before you meet someone.
–Spontaneous , unexpected perceptions of distant events
–Hearing music or sounds for which there is no physical source
–Correctly sensing the presence of lost objects
–Opening books to the exact pssagee you are looking for
–Sensing a numinous presence around persons or places
–Watching someone’s face reveal -as if in slow motion-younger or older aspects of their nature
–Seeing lights around people or inanimate objects
–Looking at something familiar and seeing it for the first time
–Spontaneously apprehending the presence of someone physically distant or dead
–Sensing chakras and energy flows
–Hearing melodies that reflect your physical condition
–Telepathically stimulating moods in another person
–Correctly intuiting someone’s negative or postive feelings
–Merging with someone while during sex
–Feeling pains of distant friend and then finding out about their illness or injury
–Sensing the mood and intention of an animal
–Sharing the well being of a friend at a distance
–Having the same dream a friend has
–Accurately sensing someone’s prayers on your behalf
–Feeling intense energies for which there seems to be no apparent cause
–Sensing a rush of electricity up the spine, accompanied by visions, mental illumination or great strength.
–Feeling a strong mood in an empty room
–Out of body experience
–Lucid dreaming
–Correctly sensing danger
–Apprehending complex ideas all at once
–Experiencing joy while doing routine tasks
–Experiencing an identity that existed before you birth and that will outlast your body’s death

(Douglas Duff) #29

Alternate Realities Conversation 3

Recorded October 10th

The conversation orients around recent reads from Karan Barad, Antonio Damasio, Erin Manning and John Durham Peters; the group discusses quantum and ocean waves, reflections vs diffractions; body as an instrument; homeostasis and maintenance of the body as a political measure; creating conscious culture; and out of body experiences. John Davis leads out a Clean Language session, asking Michael and Doug to hone in on one item in Michael Murphy’s “list of diffractions.” Micheal fine tunes his Clean Langauge skills.

(Geoffrey Edwards) #30

Not sure if this fits in here… I haven’t had the free time necessary to attend to and follow this thread beyond noting it was there… two nights ago I had an experience that is more akin to a vision than a dream. I am not at all sure how to talk about it, or even whether I should! It was part of a long process involving elements of both the angelic and the demonic - these are not terms I would usually use under any circumstances! Not sure what I am asking either, what am I looking for from you folk? Do other people get these experiences? Maybe just an acknowledgement would be enough?

(john davis) #31

Yes. I had such an experience last night. The presence of the angelic and the demonic energetics are often in close proximity to one another. As I deal with the effects of the difference ( diffraction) it is much easier to allow the cognitive dissonance to register without dominating me. This is a topic we have been attempting to address in our trialogue as we actively develop alternate ways of research creation You are welcome to join us. Geoffrey, and we are glad to support your process. Thanks for your response!

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I would like to return to and participate in this thread. When is the next ZoomCast? Is it still every Wednesday at 12:00 p. m. (EDT)? If so, is the next Zoom session on 10.17.18?

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Katina that would be Awesome,I think our next Cafe’ on this thread will be on 10\24\18,Doug is the one check in with.I’d be interested if U watched them,what your impressions are/were?Peace&Care Be With U & Yours,Micheal

(Katina Press) #34

I will watch and tell very soon. Thus far, I love the discourse going on among the participants. I want IN on THAT! Feedback coming soon!

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Here’s My JellyFish Image Guys!!!

(Katina Press) #36


That beauty is on a “Journey to Supermind”, indeed! How can something so glorious remain so hidden? Yet, leave it to the divine nature of a MadMan (by the name of Michael) to reveal God’s Glory in His creation. (Just as I was sayin’, no, “channeling” in the “Book of the Lion and the Lamb”!).

Thank you Michael, for giving me an image to start tonight’s dreaming. Meet me at the surface of the water, yeah!

(john davis) #37

An athlete discusses lucid dreaming and lucid living, using WILD and MILD. This more secular approach to lucid dreaming can start out as an interesting experience. Then with lots of practice it can become a Yoga, a theater of the Mind, that can shift us towards a Super Mind such as Sri Aurobindo models in a more philosophical fashion. There is a danger of trivializing such experience but I sense it is a good trend to make these esoteric and occult practices available on Youtube even if they can become a source of vanity and hedonistic pleasures.

I imagine, as lucid dreaming becomes a new norm, the need for simulations generated by Google glasses and other elaborate techno-cogno enhancements would diminish considerably. A new era of Cosmic Entertainment, free of charge and run on your own psychic being, would crash the elitist, scientistic, militaristic industrial complex quickly. Collaborative research creation could be taken to a fourth and fifth dimension.

I imagine life-world(s) dominated by the Imaginal would be much more ecological than the current one dominated by Facebook and Silicon Valley. What would a culture, dominated by the drive for aesthetic relationships and social justice, feel like? Look like? Sound like? What kind of Eco-dynamics would emerge? As the separated self gets deconstructed what would happen next? A reconstructive phase perhaps? Or more boredom and alienation? I’m not sure. The stakes are high. And there is a concern that a maturing of the Psychic Being will get labeled and dismissed because it will put a lot of institutions that prey on people’s misery out of business. Let’s not go back to sleep!

I am open to believe…I am open to doubt…and our culture is wobbling very badly. Maybe we can work on belief structures next time? We can learn how use ‘As if’ constructs. We are, as Sri Aurobindo says, transitional beings. Our beliefs can create conditions for those transitional states that could move us towards Collective Knowledge. Our beliefs can limit us, keeping us trapped in dead end of War Metaphors, generated by the dark, vampiric energies of Wall Street and Madison Avenue tricksters and the Big Pharmaceuticals.

And what needs to happen to make any of this happen? I have some ideas about this that I hope to share at the next meetup. Please stay tuned in. I feel a need to break open a pack of crayons and get a big sheet of paper.

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@johnnydavis54, I thought you might like to know about this if you didn’t know about it already!

(Douglas Duff) #39

Hope you could attend these sessions @johnnydavis54…perhaps @Michael_Stumpf, @KPr2204 and @Amanda would like to participate as well. If anyone does attend, take notes and bring it back to this thread!

(Katina Press) #40

Ooooh, JohnnyD, now THAT REALLY scares me. (Shivers) The ABCs of the culturally elite would get their hands on that RIGHT AWAY and use it to induce all sorts of horrors upon humanity.

(john davis) #41

It is already happening. The masters rely on the creativity of the slaves. When the slaves wake up to this the dynamic changes.

I dreamed last night of seeing some images swirling into view on a screen. I reached out with my dream hand and touched the screen and entered the swirl. The images coalesed around my participatory stance. I saw a green plant and a lovely light. I stroked the plant with my dream hand and felt the wonder of it all. Who is creating all of this? Certainly not my ego. And this process continued through out the night…scene after scene opens through my desire to touch and to hold…this is a world that has infinite possibilities and a capacity for the sacred and the profane is opened up as new kinds of knowledge is born through our human presence. We are in many worlds at the same time. Sometimes I pray for the earthlings. The 23rd psalm. I sense that an intelligence is listening. I am fixed in a traditional form and I float into a night sky full of stars. Before we leap into a new cosmology we must take a motif from the old world with us. We are transitional beings.