Andrew Kay healing method. The music and vibration.

It is interesting how healing is an increasing topic in our society’s conversations. Everyone is open up, everyone is bringing their shadow to the light.

So here is another way to approach healing with Andrew Kay and how he understood that vibration could be life-changing. What do you think about it? Did you ever experience what he speak in the interview? Do you have any questions for him?

Andrew Kay, the way of healing with sounds and vibrations.


AWE-SOME…Post… “I think everyone can have a relationship with music and not necessarily be a musician or you know there is this kind of divide that there’s like musicians or performers and then there’s like listeners and I think like the more we engage in musical practice the less those two things need to be so far away from each other”.

Healing Hands -Energy


Thanks U For Bringing This To Cosmos!!!


Yes thank you, me too, music is for our soul all kinds of arts… and some wise teachers said that music is important for our heart since it comes from the golden age.

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