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Let take the Café on tour, through the magical and mysterious medium of music. With topics as sweeping as Cosmic Harmonics, and the dissemination of deep space messages as per the METI mission, to personal musical journeys and favorite artists and songs. Let us hum poetic on the full spectrum.

What perks up your ear buds?

What is your musical story?

Reading / Watching / Listening

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Context, Backstory, and Related topics

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add in personal ‘notes’ and ‘key’ material, if you please.

Great topic/subject! Like a Hurricane Neil Young (see my review, @Ariadne) yeah. And so on and so forth …


Here’s what’s on tap in my fractal microcosmic café:

I would suggest we can call music of this order an intensification in the history of consciousness:


Something of a personal anthem for about 30 years now…


Just today reading Reckless Daughter, Joni Mitchell , David Jaffe’s biography, in which the influence of Miles Davis and her deep admiration of him/his music comes clear, and while I was reading listened to several of her jazz influenced albums (Hejira especially). Never heard Brew before. Thanks for posting.


This one of my favorites, too!


LOVE “Hejira”! Joni’s story-songs are all good but that collection speaks deeply to me.

“Dreams, Amelia, dreams and false alarms.”


And in the world a heart of darkness
A fire zone where poets speak their heart
Then bleed for it. Jara sang, his song
a weapon In the hands of love
You know his blood still cries
From the ground.

This lyric is from U2’s One Tree Hill, speaking of Victor Jara (and so many others) who is one of my heroes. Happened to be listening to this when I saw your comment just now.


I can tell my playlist is going to get a big REFRESH from this thread :sunglasses:


Music and zeitgeist …

One from my college days (1968):

And the original (1936):


Also really like Morrison’s original version of Hymns to the Silence. . . (not the Youtube version which has sped it up and cut off the end) I remember hearing it first while driving in the desert and was blown away by it.


YES,It’s so Quiet in Here…also Checkin’ It Out…Get into It Like a Meditation,Guides & Spirits along the Way…Care%20of%20the%20Soul


When it comes to music, I think I’ve been ‘integral’ for some time. :grin:
Today’s afternoon playlist, for example, is a pretty typical one for me - and as you can imagine I couldn’t get away with it in the office without ear buds:

“The Planets” Gustav Holst
“Old Man” Neil Young
“Anytime” Brian McKnight
“Raga Charu Keshi” Ravi Shankar
“Stolen Moments” Oliver Nelson
“A Change of Seasons” Dream Theater
and “Change of the Guard” Kamasi Washington

Yes, in that order…

This is something else I get from my Dad.


Einstein-Gutiar …Let the Energy Move You & Play inside You!!!


Inspiring, to be sure. I’m impressed. I agree: you’ve got something “integral” going there.

As a contrast, her’s a recent playlist I recently put together in response to a question as to what I was filling my head with at that moment. It’s anything but integral. Rather, I’d characterize it more as “eclectic, long-tail, earth-bound Americana”:

Title Artist Album Genre (per iTunes)
I Ain’t Ever Givin’ In Fred Eaglesmith Falling Stars and Broken Hearts Rock
Signs Of Life Chris Burroughs West Of Texas/Trade Of Chains Country
Sensible Shoes Cindy Bullens Neverland Alt. Country
Burn.Flicker.Die. American Aquarium Burn.Flicker.Die. Alt. Rock
“69” The Arondies Pittsburgh’s Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 Rock & Roll
Golden Calf The Band Of Heathens One Foot In The Ether Alt. Country
To Bury an Angel Hardpan Hardpan Rock
Phone Don’t Ring John Cate Two Brothers Alt. Country
Before The Devil Knows We’re Dead Turnpike Troubadours Goodbye Normal Street Rock
Bad Liver And A Broken Heart Hayes Carll Trouble In Mind Country & Folk
Sick & Tired Cross Canadian Ragweed Soul Gravy Rock
California Jay Farrar Stone, Steel & Bright Lights Rock
Ursa Major Wrinkle Neck Mules The Wicks Have Met Alt. Country
American Blood Reckless Kelly Bulletproof Country & Folk
Girl In The War Josh Ritter The Animal Years Folk
Rich Man’s War Steve Earle The Revolution Starts Now Country
With God On Our Side Buddy Miller Universal United House Of Prayer Gospel & Religious
The Speed Of Light Julie Miller Broken Things Country

My daughters got along much better with my Dad musically: he was a Big Band guy. :smirk:


The pull no punches lyrics of American Blood are well done: “God bless America but God-damn Uncle Sam!”… hehe, yeah…

You and I hail, respectively, from 1949 and 1967. I’m wondering if (or rather how much) that’s a factor, respectively, in “eclectic… earth-bound…” and ‘eccentric… head-in-the-clouds…’ musical trips. Of course among many, many other experiential/individual considerations… I guess that would be my seed question for a larger discussion.


From Dias y Flores by Silvio Rodriquez to Lark Ascending by Vaughn Williams to Ariel by Kate Bush to O Primeiro Canto by Dulce Pontes and …that’s just for starters…
yay for Integral Eclectic unclassifiable playlists. Listening right now to:

“Shine on the dazzling darkness that restores deep sleep/ shine on what we throw away and what we keep…shine on good Earth, good air and water…shine on lousy leadership, licensed to kill…shine on mass destruction in some god’s name…shine on goodhumor, shine on good will…shine, shine, oh let your little light shine…” Joni Mitchell, Shine


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