Announcing Video Blog "Writing Off The Deep End"

(Geoffrey Edwards) #1

Fellow “cosmo-nauts” Mary Thaler (@marythaler) and Geoffrey Edwards (@Geoffrey_Edwards) have just launched a new video blog series called “Writing Off The Deep End”. To access the series click here.

The series, for which a new episode will be posted every second Saturday, deals with the practice of writing. Essentially, we share our own thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the process of writing, publishing, and networking. The audio-only versions will be added shortly to the Infinite Conversations website within the Podcast channel. We hope you enjoy the series! And if you do like it, please think about subscribing to the series!


(Marco V Morelli) #2

That was a lovely first episode, @Geoffrey_Edwards and @marythaler!

I like the nice, short, bite-size chunk (especially compared to our normal portion sizes, lol)—and the editing is good too.

As for the podcast (audio-only) version, with have a couple options. There will be a new website at Cosmos.Earth for member-generated content, as well as new blog and podcast channels on I almost want to lobby for the former, since we are already publishing reading group content on Metapsy, and there is something particularly accessible about your show that I think would go well on the new site. But it’s up to you.

In either case, I’m imagining each episode could have its own page on one of the sites, and that all the episodes would be available on an archive page, with links to corresponding forum discussions if any. People could then subscribe to your podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or other podcast app, and when you upload a new episode it will deliver to their app.

Congratulations on the new show. And Mary, I can’t wait to hear that feminist viking poem!

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(Geoffrey Edwards) #3

That sounds super, Marco. Think of our effort as an means to promote Cosmos, and we will be happy!

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(Mark Jabbour) #4

Wonderful! Good luck ya all.

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(Caroline Savery) #5

Marvelous work and gift you are giving to me/us/this community, @Geoffrey_Edwards and @marythaler! I look forward to your conversations and productions. :heart: :pray:

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