This Week in Cosmos 1

Hello Cosmic Friends,

Testing, testing . . .this is test!

The purpose of This Week in Cosmos is to:

  • give attention to the weekly threads, events, milestones, and other happenings
  • bring “background Cosmos” to “foreground Cosmos”
  • answer questions
  • respond to user feedback
  • take note of problems on the forum (such as broken links, missing recordings, navigational issues)
  • (insert your unmentioned purpose here)

This was recorded off-the-cuff with minimal preparation other than a few dates kept in mind. I hope to organize this in a way that will take everyone into account as we proceed. Feedback appreciated. Questions will be answered.

Links to week of 3 June events:

Links to week of 10 June events:

References from the Recording

References Left Out of the Recording

Mateo Needham rekindled the interest in the Savitri Reading Group that Geoffery Edwards proposed . . . follow along with the Readers Underground formation here:


Thanks, Doug. You notice where we were, suggest where we might be going. This is a good first step in a direction that I imagine will give us a sense of what might be happening in the in between. You have given us your face and your voice and an intention. I am glad to discover that we can chunk down and chunk slow and take a breath and relax. We can figure out, collaboratively, what we are giving our attention to. So, what happens next?

I was curious about a dilemma you rehearsed in the last Bateson call. You expressed a desired outcome I WANT THE ORAL CULTURE TO DEVELOP.

Then, you elaborated and offered what appeared to me to be a dilemma, I don’t want to write but I do write…

So, I notice this and try to bring our group attention to this dilemma. I refer to Plato and the great conflicts around the dangers of writing. What happens to memory? This is highlighted in one of his most charming dialogues The Pheadrus. This might be a really geeky kind of Cafe proposal? I imagine that we are going through a very ancient dilemma, as we try to crack the code, while also trying to catch the rhythm.

Spirits, leave me alone to complete the business of my life and I will never forget you!


Hi Doug, thanks for doing this. It is good to get a summary of events that are going on and responses to questions.

I would just add about Cosmos.Earth that it is a place where Cosmos members will be able to publish their own thoughts or creative work (such as blog, video, podcast, art…) in personal or collaborative channels, while also amplifying whatever meta or collective vision that we can articulate.

The 0.1 ‘launch’ was meant to put a toe in the water and get bare systems in place to allow us to invite more ‘creative agents’ to participate in various experiments, leading towards an up-leveling (or flipping) of the whole platform to ‘1.0’—which would mean that it is a viable venue for all members to self-actualize creatively to their heart’s content, find and give support, learn, mutate…everything we’re already doing, but at a higher order—with more intensity, diversity, and amplitude—on a larger (world? cosmic?) yet realer (concrete, down-to-earth) stage.

I have been traveling for the past few days and am currently in New York through June 22. It is mostly a family trip, but I will be seeing a few old friends and also making an excursus (w/ @rebex) to Boston for an art salon hosted by @brian.george51. So that is something that is going on this week.

I also hope to catch up on some of the interesting threads I’ve seen (such as on upcoming reading groups, integral literary theory, and various topics in poetry) soon. With traveling, it has been hard to generate time for reading, reflection, and discourse. I am glad you are tending to the space, Doug! It is good to see the ongoing dialogue; even when it seems I cannot fully participate, I know there is something to come back to, which continues to grow.