"Blood and Rockets: Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too the Moon" by The Claypool Lennon Delirium

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Hey @MC_DC ~ this is a fantastic video, thanks for sharing it. Claypool and Lennon are quite an interesting duo. The music sounds unmistakably like the Beatles—Sean’s got his dad’s voice—but something makes it feel really contemporary at the same time, I guess because it is—but there also seems to be some primal thump involved. It is a strange tale and a strange life, too, that of Mr. Jack Parsons, which I had never heard before.

This video reminds of me of how Jeffrey Kripal says that even though the occult is frowned up in science, academia, and official culture, it actually thrives in popular culture. There is an excellent interview with Kripal in a recent Weird Studies podcast, which I think you (and who would appreciate the many allusions, references, and symbols in the video) would enjoy.

Keep 'em coming, brother! That was a fun micro-cosmic trip. :rocket:

Hey Marco,

I finally got access to the e-mail account I registered here with, and then to Infinite Conversations. So I’m back, LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and the music - the album came out and it’s fantastic, BTW - and the Jack Parsons story. First time I’m hearing about this “Weird Studies” podcast but just by the name I can tell it’s made for me. I’ll listen to this episode you link to first and get back to you. Cheers.

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