Introduction to Transmuting the Trumpocalypse

Hello there! Caroline here. I’d like to open this thread by sharing other media that I’ve come across just in the past week that resonates strongly with some of the ideas articulated throughout the subsequent series. If I may–howsoever awkwardly–express a preference for how we might use this particular comment thread, I’d love to use this space to invite the “priming” and prepping our consciousnesses for the series by sharing any and all media that seems to tie in with or “resonates” with the messages and ideas embedded in the essays.

On Netflix I recently watched this gorgeous and experimental documentary, Inn Saei, all about the subtle inner force of intuition that plays a potent yet ineffable role in our lives. Highly recommended!

Also read the book Psychonaut by Peter J. Carroll, and was amazed at its lucidity in talking about psychic powers and magic in ways I’ve only stumbled upon, directly, in 30 years.

This 45-year-old clip by Gary Snyder gives commentary as fresh and true for today as it ever was: about inner power and our blindness to it, and outer power and our obsession with it.

With this media, and as you peruse all of the media associated with Transmuting the Trumpocalypse, I also wish to proffer a priming question to ponder and linger on as you proceed through the piece:

What resonates? What resonates for you?

What does “resonate” feel like, look like?

To embolden our intuition, we should return to “what resonates” within us, and investigate the path of that resonance with the mind’s eye. I invite you to consider the relationship between what resonates and what we feel is true.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.