By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes...

Different styles of communique. Watch the body language of these two popular performers, side by side, on a couch, under the lights. Who to you appears to be the most grounded? The moderator asks typical questions. Real actors have been obsolesed by computer generated mash ups. And who really cares what reality is? Carrie-Anne admits candily that she is glad she won’t be alive to see this brave new world of AI actors. Interesting how we humans feel about being put out of business by a marketing gadget

In a different key, there is a new film version of the Scottish play, with two of our most distinquished elders, who are also very real people. This weird play, which embodies the clash between imagination and reality, continues to enchant. Confusion now hath made his masterpience.

I will probably have to wait for the DVDs to come out as the theater is no longer a safe place to dream with others and is rapidly becoming obsolete anyway. Who needs an audience?


Keanu comes off as smart but kind of loosey-goosey. Carrie Anne, in her middle age, reminds me of Diane Musho Hamilton (the Zen teacher, whom some may know) with her sense of wise groundedness. I wish Keanu would have let her answer some more of the questions first… but I suppose he’s the bigger star, so gets the most attention.

I like that Carrie said that she holds the Real to be sacred, and that her favorite part of making movies is working with the other people. She seems kind.

As it happens, a couple weeks I re-watched the original Matrix film after many years. It’s held up! I don’t go out to the movies often, and we don’t watch a lot of TV in our house… but I would see the new version of the Matrix, mainly because I think Lana Wachowski is a genius and has probably done something interesting with the concept. The new Macbeth looks worthwhile too.