Chaos, Crisis, and Creativity—a live hangout with the editors of Metapsychosis

"An artist’s duty is to reflect the times."
—Nina Simone

Dear friends:

What do you think is actually going on in the world?

What’s all the apparent chaos really about, if anything?

What’s the story beneath the story—and what’s beneath that?

And how can we know? And what can we do about it? (If we even know what’s real for sure…)

I’ve been reading a number of Facebook debates and related articles in the wake of recent developments, and like many of my friends, feeling deeply disturbed.

I have to admit, I can relate to what Conner Habib says in his recent interview with Jeremy Johnson.

“A kind of downward spiral can happen when you approach the state of the world: The disastrous US election! Mass shootings! Police Brutality! Taken alone, they’re bad enough, but they can build and build until you feel utterly overwhelmed and helpless.”

Yet at the same time, I feel a profound creativity, compassion, sense of justice, and intensified awareness percolating vigorously in so many people.

What could we do with that energy?

These questions matter to all of us who feel the impulse to put something more into the world than a comment on a Facebook post—to all of us revving in neutral with a full tank of gas, desperately seeking to blaze a new path to something better than what’s being served.

Easy to say! Right?

But how could we live the questions—in our creative work, our communities, our actual lives?

I don’t pretend to have the answers, and I don’t expect us to figure it all out…but I think if we put our minds together it could be quite interesting to see what might want to emerge.

And you’re invited to participate in the experiment…

##The Details

Join us this Thursday, August 4th, at 8 p.m. EDT (time zone conversion) for a live Zoom hangout with the editors of Metapsychosis, as we close out our Inception cycle (0.6)—and look ahead to our next phase.

Metapsychosis intends to provide a signal boost to passionate creative impulses wanting to be born, written, seen, and heard. We’re intensely curious about what energies and intelligences will be magnetized to this swirling vortex.

Part creative group meditation, part call-and-response (mind-jazz style), part closing ceremony with seed-planting for our upcoming Cycle 1—we want this event to be an experiment of intention, leaning into what magic is invoked when we invite each other to connect in Artistic Communion.

So come join us this Thursday. We’ll be using the Zoom video conferencing app.

Here is the link you’ll need to register and join us live:

(Use this link to test your connection prior to our call:

If you have questions or feedback:

Leave a comment below!

Thank you—

Marco V Morelli
aka Shadow Government (aka Deep State)
@madrush on
Editor @

PS. If you can’t make the hangout, we’ll be posting a recording.

PPS. We also invite you to submit your work for consideration in our next publishing cycle, which begins August 15th and is tentatively titled Proof of Concept (Infinite Possibilities).

PPPS. This is free, btw.

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Here’s the recording of the event: