Cosmic creativity -- how art evolves consciousness: Alex Grey at TEDxMaui 2013

I had a most excellent time visiting CoSM (the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) in upstate New York for their Winter Solstice celebration, which featured a talk by Alex and Allyson Grey, along with music, dancing, painting, food, fire, and friendly people too. It is a special place, with a unique spiritual gift, and I recommend anyone who happens to be in the area to check it out.

Moreover, the experience clarified my own vision for what I would like to accomplish through Cosmos. I learned a few things, which I will share in due course, and am feeling replenished in my own desire to create a space—and more than that, a place—for visionary consciousness, culture, and community. Let us continue to tend the seeds we have germinated here!

Thanks to @wronitz for meeting up with me in the afternoon—I really enjoyed having our own ‘Cosmos Café’ in the CoSM ‘Mushroom Café’—and thanks to my brother Anthony and his buddy Mike for the good company and the ride, too.

I intend to go back for the Summer Solstice, if circumstances allow, and hope to see the Entheon temple (which Alex briefly describes in this talk) when it’s completed. Mark you calendars! Maybe a few more of us can get together in person, when the time comes.