Cosmos Café: Communicating About Communication [5/22]


(Mark Jabbour) #21

Now that’s some good insight, and yet, the myth and fairy tale persist. I.e. “hope and change”, revolution, and/or “integral”, "planetary consciousness’ etc. and so on. … politics. Get yourself elected …

(Mark Jabbour) #22

Maybe next time we intro with my favorite Van Morison song, I’ll be your lover, too Join us.

(LaughingCryingDancing) #23

So Mark ;I’ll be a Dweller on the Threshold,Cleaning Windows, waiting for the next round of “Shooting the Breeze”,that Cosmos Cafe’ is more comfortable-challenging at this time.At present I am in a scouting of observing & listening mode with some of the very interesting & close to my Heart Alive Ideas.Warm Love,Michael

(Mark Jabbour) #24

Maybe I’m alone as spots fan, and former athlete, but I’ll take a shot … Last night’s Game One of the NBA finals (basketball) was amazing! so much regarding “communication” and “lying”, and confabulation. As the game came to its finish, player A made a mental error that cost his team victory (which would have been HUGE b/c they were not given any chance to win). Afterwards, talking to the media, player A lied, flat-out, and everyone knew it b/c you could read his lips when he made the error. (Mental errors in sports are almost unforgivable. It’s “life or death” after all.) Player B, on the same underdog team, attempting to be known as the GOAT (greatest of all time) nearly cried. But afterwards, in his talking with the media, took the “high-road” and didn’t criticize player A. Player A engaged in confabulation , or, retold the story of the ending so as to “save face” w/r/t his mental error. But, that’s a big no-no in team sports - you’ve got to “own up” (take responsibility) for your actions, or your teammates won’t respect you. Player B covered for player A, with a lie, too.
What i’m getting at is: athletic competition at the highest level is great , and it reflects (and is model for) the human condition like nothing else.
I can’t wait to see how this plays out.