Enabling Automatic Dark Mode

Do you ever use your devices in dark mode? Then you might want to visit your interface user preferences and click to enable automatic dark mode color scheme. Don’t forget to scroll down to save your changes. After saving your preference changes, refresh your browser; you should be good with Infinite Conversations switching to a dark color scheme whenever your device is in dark mode.

Tip: If you see a light color scheme but none of the usual background images (on desktop), your device may be in dark mode but your Infinite Conversations preferences does not have automatic dark mode enabled.


Hi Kayla, don’t understand what Dark Mode is! (Smile) But it sounds interesting.
Btw, I’ve meaning to thank you for your many tech tips and kind hints for us near know-nothings.

So here they are, my many thanks.

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Hi @Ariadne, I’m so glad you’re finding the user guides helpful!

Dark mode is display setting on many smartphones, tablets, and computers these days. It’s a preference for light text on a dark background. It reduces the light emitted by a screen, which can be preferable in the evenings or low-light situations. If you have an OLED (organic light-emitting device) screen, it can also save battery life.

I don’t actually use dark mode much myself due to having astigmatism; this article on Medium has a pretty good explanation of why it can be a problem for some of us.

However, it’s nice to have the option. Eventually all the Cosmos websites will be updated to automatically switch as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kayla, one of my old (no longer extant) computers had a screen reddening program, set to time of day!
I am trying to find this for my currently surviving computers. It would operate a bit like a sunset, gradually
reducing and reddening so as not to interfere so much with Melatonin production before bed!
I am not sure I would like light on dark text myself, though. Would it be optional?
Thanks, Maia

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Yes, it’s optional. What you’re describing is different from dark mode. Many operating systems now have that built-in as a setting you can enable. For example, Apple calls it night shift and Windows calls it night light. Having something like that enabled (or a separate program installed to do that) would not trigger the websites to switch from a light background to a dark background.

Dark mode is a separate setting; HP has an article about how to set up dark mode for different systems. The websites would automatically switch only if you had your device’s “dark mode” enabled, not for any color-shifting settings.

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