Personalize your user card & profile page

When you’re reading a conversation, click on anyone’s avatar and a user card will pop up that gives you a little summary of their profile.

You can add a background image and biographical information to your own card by updating your profile preferences.

About Your Profile Information

About me

Your card will only show the beginning of your bio, but your profile page will show it all, so feel free to write as much or as a little as you’d like about yourself. Your user card and profile page are publicly viewable.


When someone inserts a date/time in their post, it will automatically translate to your timezone, if set. Your timezone is not publicly displayed.


This is a text field and not a GPS location, so you may write whatever you’d like here. This information shows on your user card as well as on your profile page.

Web Site

This will link to your website from both your user card and profile page. “http://” not required.

Profile Header & User Card Background

Keep in mind that a lightening overlay will automatically be added to the user card background image to ensure reasonable legibility of your card (or a darkening overlay when in dark mode).

Tip: You can use animated gif or webp files as your profile header or user card background. Click on my avatar and you’ll see an animated gif I grabbed off Giphy (a scene from My Neighbor Totoro) to demonstrate.

Featured Topic

Have a favorite topic you want everyone to know about? This will appear as a link on both your user card and profile page. I am featuring this very topic!

Date of Birth

This information will list you on the birthdays page :birthday:, which is not publicly viewable but available to everyone with an account.

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