Exorcism of Corona

Thanks, Ed, I will try to remember that. Prometheus is a character I much admire. That archetypal figure is on my mind a lot lately as the theft of fire brought down the wrath of the Gods…but where did the Gods get the fire from? And how can you claim your group owns fire? Much like corporations who claim they own your genes or seeds of plants, or the water we drink, or the air with breathe, we are in need of enough people who can still revolt against this and call it what it is. Evil is not the opposite of love. Love has no opposite. Love is not able to handle Evil if Love fails to recognize where it comes from. What is needed is to discover the daemonic in the demonic. My father was a bad seed. But I am not a bad seed, nor are my brothers. My father said," I gave you life and I can take it away." This is demonic. The father who asked me to sit in his lap ( I was about five years old) and wept because I would someday leave him, was lost. A child can’t take care of daddy. No child can do that.

So if a parent tries to take your fire or douses water on you, you must resist and find the right time to exit. And don’t look back. God bless the child who has his own.

If you had good enough parents you are blessed. But whether you had bad parents or good parents we have to find a way of moving beyond the Master/ Slave dynamic.

We are having to take back our fire from those who would claim it their own. We must wake up. Magic alone will not save us, nor will reason alone work against this ancient vampire force.

The Master/Slave dynamic is working through us in varying degrees and on a collective scale. I have few answers but a lot of questions and questions about my questions.

A writer I much admire who had a terrible mother addressed this issue. His mother who suicided at the age of thirty, never hugged him, kissed him, said a kind word. He admits he hated her. He said, " We can’t find our way home without evil." This is a very Gnostic idea. Our biological parents may not be our real parents. Many of us feel like orphans. But we can find, through the Imaginal Body, an enormous power.


This is a Relevant Podcast,Very Interesting how these Guys connect the Dots of Time?