When One Metaphor Isn't Enough -The Lives of Metaphorical Fluid People


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A Spin on Religion & Spirituality in the 21st Century,How Do We Embrace the Lives & Ways of the Mystery of the Moment?What is the Currency of a Well Crafted Metaphor/s for Engaging Life?

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Some times Reality is a slimy affair!

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Michael, I really admire these imaginal metaphorical mysteries you’ve posted here, but maybe, if I do have a favorite, it’s this one, so down to earth and so spiritual simultaneously. Besides, I love snails, hermaphroditic embodiments of the nature of water, of flow, of the spiral dynamical creative powers of the cosmos.

Is one metaphor EVER enough? I’m one of those “metaphorically fluid” types, as are some of my best friends, one of whom is always saying “Everything reminds me of everything else!” Sometimes amusing complaint, sometimes expostulation of wonder.

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Thank You Maia, you get what I am playing with & in.Creation is in all ways touching the spark within,we just need to give caring intent to listening & honor the Metaphors we create in / with the Gift of Body & Soul…with Spirit

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This one evokes in me : Water and Fire creating the Worlds.

Do you know Hilma af Klint? Tried to post one of her paintings which I feel is getting at a similar vision. same thing, but it comes out more like a “negative”, not sure why. IMost of her works are what we would call “abstract”, and were virtually unknown until fairly recently. Here is a description of one more than many others which is almost figurative: two swans in a relation reminiscent of the yin/yang image in your Dream Catcher.

Hope to see more of your creations.

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Maia, just to be sure U know,these are my found visuals from the internet that express connecting feeling with vision.The Snail/Buddha is one a friend (John Wieble,passed away)took in his backyard,it one of my Healing Images & a fond memory of John.I like Hilma at Klint …giving attention to color,form & background is a way to relax the tense mental organization of expeience,in my personal experience.My two GrandFathers worked with their hands & found ways to bring a sense of creating what appears as nothing.

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A Metphora {carrying over;meta-between/phero-to bear or carry}.This last year on Cosmos-Infinite Cafe has been one of exploring many Thresholds,Edges & Boundaries of understandings,expression,impression & Speaking Into the Air of Cyberspace.The Communication-Connection has Moved me in ways that Rocked N Rolled into a Center Sphere & Expanded( not sure it’s Higher or Wider,more of a Differennce that makes a Difference)this particular Child of the Universe to Be Ok at the Edge of my Comfort Zone(Joan Halifax-Finding Freedom Where Fear & Courage Meet). Marco has created a Place in Cyber-Space to Engage our Artistic Souls.Ed,John(Johnny),Doug,Mark & Geoffrey have been Wonderful,Interesting & Laugh Out Loud Companions as I walked the Labyrinth of last year.A New one begins; SURF is UP GANG,Lets Play some JAZZ together.Peace & Care Be With You & Yours,BaldOne-Laughing

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I agree with all of these images and “takes” on how things are. Although, let’s be honest, it can be confusing and extremely stresful at times to experience a multi-layered, multi-valenced reality when you also have to negotiate a seemingly black-and-white, yes or no, and sometimes life-and-death landscape. When you have to make crucial decisions or a judgement about another’s reality which is curtaining your own in some way, and on and on and on. I mean, it ain’t all psychedlic daffodils! Though I would never trade places with anyone caught in single-metaphor lives.

As a writer, the difficult aspect of multiplicity shows up all the time: I see many points of view and sometimes can’t proceed…so I stop and wait…no telling how long…until some merciful “sign” seems to point the way. Usually, though, those signs too, like dreams, can seem to be interpretable in many ways.

Yet, thankfully there are those moments when a “clue”—a dropped jay feather, say, at the start of one branch of the path and not others–feels like a true word----here.

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Adiadne, My Here is…Creativity%20%26%20Uncertainty Chid%20on%20a%20Wire

,the Thread of which U so Beautifully speak Begins & Ends with the Jamming Sessions of these Three Picture Beats.Thank U for Your Response it enlarges my surround Sound.

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I’ve been a long-time student of metaphor via cognitive science. And per Lakoff & Johnson there are many and varied metaphors, each with its own set of valid inferences and entailments. However being ‘embodied’ they are also highly specific to contexts, and there is no one metaphor ‘that rules them all.’ Even the holonic metaphor is only one of a multitude and its inferences do not transfer to the others. But as they argue this is not relativism because of empirically demonstrated, convergent scientific evidence of universal, embodied grounding of knowledge via image schema, basic categories and extended in metaphor. Also see Mark Edwards work on the various lenses he uses in his metatheory.

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Both your links go to Facebook. Since I don’t do FB, I can’t see what you are referring to. But, in general, I am much more interested in direct experience than theory
re: this topic.

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I directly experience too. :grinning: And cognitive science is about how we do that, so important to me too.

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Ariadne,YES Direct Experience

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Well, of course, you do! But it is a different thing to focus on theories rather than delving experience and practice, etc.

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Is there any necessary dichotomy? Not that I can see, especially if one has integrative sensibilities.